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When are this sites administrators going to block the morons who just post crap to be annoying? I think that the site admin needs to clean up this site.

1 month ago

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    • Define annoying that's could be anything . Maybe you only like post about funding your wife in bed while others enjoy post about having sex with their mothers. So define annoying? If you say people like me then I will kick your balls up inside your body and you can post about that.

    • Agreed. This site isn't so much "naughty posts" anymore as it is a dumping ground for all sorts of crap: racist and political bullshit, rape stories, creepy pedophiles, etc. I've posted myself here and notice how it takes a few days for it to show up on you'd think somebody would be monitoring what goes on here and delete the stuff that's either not meant to be here or truly out of line.

    • What's wrong with these post. Maybe you want to post about pretending to be a woman and wanting to suck cocks. Or maybe you want to post about your desires to perform oral sex on other men. Not everyone maybe into what your into. If so try finding a website dedicated to your particular kink.

    • And the fact this has even been posted means it’s not really checked.

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