Genital area beautiful shapes

Do ladies out there get embarrassed when wearing yoga pants and something tight fitting. It shows the beautiful shapes of the Vulva! Al le “”Cameltoe” I don’t think you should be it’s beautiful to see and you should be proud of that lovely vision for us men

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  • I love wearing ones that are so thin that if stretched you can see skin thru them. I feel like I am walking around naked when I wear them.

  • So I do not do this often but after reading this I went to this free trial workout wearing nothing on under my yoga pants. They get pretty sheer when I stretch and I had no problem seeing myself thru the material when I bent over and looked in the mirror. I pretended like I had no idea how to use equipment and this trainer stayed with me the whole time while I went thru all the machines and stretching exercises. I know my sheer workout wear was driving him crazy because I often saw him quickly moving his head around. I am never going back there again so it was an absolute turn on to put myself on display like that for him.

  • My wife has just the best camel toe and nicest arse the yoga pants extenuate them so much, she loves showing off at the gym and going into shops on the way home sweaty, the looks she gets you would not believe even from women.

  • Yoga pants were designed for people like my wife. She will not wear them out in public only at home around family and friends. She is very humble about her appearance. Personally I wish everyone would see her in them and that sexy walk.

  • It doesn't embarrass me , I like the attention sometimes.

  • I think the person that invented yoga pants should get the Nobel Peace Prize or something equivalent. I love going to the high end markets at 10:00 after the hot mommies drop their kids off at day care and hit the gym. They come in to shop all sweaty and the moist spots accentuate their honey holes oh so nicely. So THANK YOU MR YOGA PANT INVENTOR..... I LOVE YOU!

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