Mum and daughter

Our local pub had organised a ladies night,you know what I mean when I say a ladies night,yes male strippers,both of us being from the local area obviously we had to go!! Mum is 65 and great company on a night out im 39 married with a couple of kids,im not kidding you it was packed in the lounge full of screaming women baying for the stripper to come on!! On he comes in his fire suit!! What a laugh!! Until he approached mum and me!! Waving his cock in mums face! Instead of pushing him away she gives him a blowjob!! How embarrassing is this!! Next minute she's on stage with him!! So who are you with tonight luv asked the stripper!! No not the girls she only says my daughter over there!! Omfg!! Get up here the daughter!! Forced to the stage here we are!! The towel drops around his waist and there's mum sucking his cock!! Who wants to see her daughter to he blurts over the microphone!! 50 screaming women chanting what to do!!! There I was sharing a strippers cock with my mother!! Suddenly the curtain came down over the stage! This guy grabs our hands and takes us to his changing room!! So ladies you're not really mother and daughter are you !! As a matter of fact we are .. Well this really is a first for me then!! Your mother's a bit of a girl isn't she!! Mum hadn't let go of his cock from the stage!! In your mouth now dear that's it! What was I supposed to do!! There was mum deep throating a stripper right in front of me,fairplay the old girl can suck a cock said his lordship!! Bet you suck it better !!! Was I really involved in a cock sucking competition with my mother, your daughter is pretty good too mind!! I just happened to look up and the stripper had mum bent over and was rubbing his hand between her legs! Can you hear your mother moaning im going to fuck her now!! He pushed me off his cock got up,lifted mums dress up pulled down her knickers and rammed his cock in my mother!! I didn't know where to look as he fucked her good and proper!!

27 days ago

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    • Did you get fucked next?

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