Valentine's day

I was out of town working on a construction site. The owner ran into problems on material, so he told me to let everyone have a few days off. I remember how excited I was to go home and surprise my beautiful wife with some flowers and chocolates. I drove like an idiot way over the speed limit all the way. When I got home the door was locked so I decided to go around the back. I was passing the bedroom window and at the last second the door opened into the room. I stopped and looked through the window and watched my wife and another guy walk in. They could have easily seen me but were all over each other. I stood by the window and watched as she gave him head then I watched as he fucked her. When I say he fucked her I mean hard,fast and deep. I was frozen I just watched. When I watched him buckle, wiggle and finally just collapse on her. I turned to walk away and I realized that I had my dick out. I truly don't remember taking it out. So anyway I walked to the other side of the house , where I waited about 20 minutes to see if he was going to leave. No one left I walked back to the the bedroom window where I watched them fucking again. This time he pulled out and brought his dick to her mouth he shot all over her face and in her mouth. I went around to the front door and waited. When I could finally see them in the kitchen I knocked on the door. She ran to the door opened it and hugged and kissed me. Then she introduced me to her cousin from Canada. So much has happened since then there's not enough time to tell it all.

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  • I caught my wife with her stepbrother.Well I left them to it and just watched thru the window.Came home early from work and she was sucking him off.His shorts were round his ankles and she was in a towel.I was surprised but equally surprised at how huge his member was.8/9 inches but very thick and the helmet was really big and my wife deepthroated the whole thing with ease.When she stood up the towel conveniently fell to the floor.I knew what was coming next.He pushed her back and she laid on a chaise longue with her legs wide open.He knelt and ate her pussy.Her head was bent over the side of the chair and she had a look of extreme pleasure on her face

  • Something similar happened to me and a girl I knew previously. We had sex several times before and it was wonderful . We both had keys to each other’s place but weren’t completely boyfriend and girlfriend yet.I went over late one night and she didn’t answer her phone so I went by. Saw her car and decided maybe she was sleeping or showering. When I walked in I immediately heard the loud moans she was making. I was startled but very aroused. As I got closer I could her telling him his to keep fucking her hard and I then realized I was never able to make her moan that hard and loud.
    I decided to listen for a while then walked out. Went home and then about an hour later she tells me she saw my missed calls and said if I wanted I could come by.I did with a huge hard on and full of disappointment but also aroused. As I came in she was in a T-shirt and panties. She kissed me and I asked the golden question with a soft voice. She confessed and we fucked talking about him and his much bigger cock. I figured we weren’t serious so i told her it was hot listening to her get fucked. She told me why she was fucking him. I heard it got myself and as long as I was getting some of her hot gorgeous body I was fine.

  • Please tell us more

  • So you watch and enjoy it then ?

  • Did she at least wash the splooge out of her mouth before she kissed you? Or did you get a taste of his man juice? Personally, if I caught my old lady with another man, there would be a double homicide involved.

  • I don't think she had time , and she just kissed me on the cheek. I did come home another time early in the morning just after I left for work and they were already fucking.

  • Have you masturbated thinking about it since??

  • Yes I have

  • Are you gonna tell her you saw them?

  • Screw the haters man, tell us more

  • Tell us more!

  • I would rather email you , apparently some others don't want me to write here.

  • Er....who cares about them,tell us more.

  • Jesus.....fuck off.

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