Hot sister

I've been wanking off over my 16 teen year old sister now for nearly a year,I lay on the bed thinking of her as i do it and last week she caught me,in a panic i said you're hot now she knew it was her i was thinking about, spent that evening and next morning scarred she was going to tell people,she was different the next day asking questions how long have i been wanking off over her and i told her the truth,she asked if i done it that day told her no which she said no one is stopping you now,played it over in my head so many times but it was nothing like that, having her watch me wank i cum in less than 20 seconds im 15 and that's still embarrassing,she said she will give me a minute and told me to put a condom,I'm thinking sex but no i had to lay down as she dry hump me in just her knickers until i cum again,all i want to do is fuck her.

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  • Next time you need to move those knickers to the side and get that condom covered dick inside your sisters pussy. If you cum in 20 seconds again, don't pull out. You probably won't get completely soft, but you will get hard again in no time. Then you can fuck her again and last longer the second time.

  • I think its just a matter of time for you and your sister. She will want more than dry humping soon.

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