My wife wanted to get pregnant

My wife wanted to get pregnant. I had no problem with us having a baby but what concerned me was the way she wanted to get pregnant. She told me to invite three of my friends over and the four of us would have sex while she was fertile. Knowing that my wife always gets her way I quickly called three guys that I have known since grade school and asked them if they wanted to join my wife and I for a sex party. I didn't tell them that she would be getting pregnant.
So three months ago they came over and all four of us came inside my wife. My wife had each of the guys come inside her before she said it was my turn. Before I stuck my dick into her very sloppy cunt, she whispered in my ear that I was going to be pushing their come deeper inside her and one of them was certainly going to get her pregnant. I couldn't resist and I put my dick in her and quickly came inside her.
My wife is now three months pregnant and we don't know which one of us got her pregnant. I told her that it didn't matter since I was there when she got pregnant.

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  • Back in the 70's, I was happily invited to an Impregnation Party. The couple was having troubles getting pregnant and these Impregnation Parties were more common, but on the down low. Basically, we got invited over on her fertile time and pulled a train on her. Only one man in the bedroom with her at a time. Obviously, we didn't use condoms.

  • Mmm love it your confession get me horny as you said she got preg in that way and not knowing wich one.How she looks like ?

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