Wife wants a baby

We have been married for five years and a year ago we decided to have our first child. After six months of trying we were both tested and while my wife was fine, I have a very low sperm count. We were told to only have sex when she is fertile so that my sperm count could build up. We did this for six months and she is still not pregnant. My wife is getting depressed about not getting pregnant. I want her to be happy so I have asked several of my old college friends to come over tonight and have sex with her and hopefully one of them will get her pregnant. I'm sure that she will go along with all of them fucking her since she really wants to have a baby. I hope that this works and she gets pregnant tonight. If she doesn't, I plan to have them over every month until my wife is pregnant.

2 months ago

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    • My wife had what they called a tiped wome. We didn't know at the time. She thought that she couldn't get pregnant. We were fucking like rabbits. I didn't know that she was fucking other guys also. She came to me and said that she missed her period. I was happy that we were going to have a baby. She was almost 9 months pregnant when she told me that she was fucking other guys and it may not be my baby. I was with her in the delivery room and out comes a beautiful black baby girl. I looked her like my own. After that we had a boy and a girl together. We were happy together. She Wanted one more black baby and I was okay with it. So about 3 years after are daughter was born she finally got pregnant again by a black man. She didn't know who the father was. Because she was fucking more than one black guy. She had her tubes tied after that. We are still together and happy.

    • Serves you right for marrying such a rank whore. There will certainly be many more black babies. That first black father will be back again . . . . and again. And also his big-dick. black friends. You'll be raising all. Their illegitimates.
      You're a sucker. You better take that nasty bitch and get her filthy tubes tied. She'll soon be popping black babies faster than you can count them.

    • I want your cock email me Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

    • My wife wanted a baby as well and I couldn't give her one. So we went and found a man through the Internet that was willing to fuck her and make her pregnant. To be honest I enjoyed watching him fuck her and she enjoyed the attention. She enjoyed it so much that at one point there were 3 others and me fucking her. All of us used to cum in her. We did this for 4 years and never got pregnant. Then this pandemic happened and she couldn't fuck them anymore. Thats when we decided to stop and just have each other. I still watch the vids I took every now and then. It was fun but now it is done.

    • If it's not too late: PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!! There are far better (and cleaner and healthier and safer and saner) ways to accomplish the desired result. As a commenter below perfectly pointed out, there are many doctors out there who specialize in fertility issues and you should seek out several for input and options. Beyond all the safety and health issues, even if this insane plan should --- BY SOME MIRACLE --- succeed, and produce an actual baby, you will never get over how that happened. Every time you ever see or speak to the child, every day of his or her life, the image of your wife being ravished by a pack of mindless selfish animals will enter your brain and then strike you in the heart. Forever.

      Worse still, although i'm sure you would never tell the child about the perversity of his/her conception, other people (including your "sperm donors") will surely know, and that sad information will ABSOLUTELY make its way to the child. And his or her life will be destroyed. He or she will immediately become a laughingstock and forever so remain. And so will your wife and you. I suppose you're entitled to make that decision for yourself, but please don't do it to your poor wife, no matter how eager she is to have a baby. And for the love of God, man, don't do it to a child. See more doctors, talk to adoption agencies and orphanages. But stop THIS insanity!!!!

    • I know this seems like it's all for a good cause and everything, but if you're serious AT ALL, before you do this, you need to have each of them get tested at a local lab for at least STDs and deliver the original of the report to you, so you'll know what your wife and her (possible) baby are being exposed to. Some diseases have no cure and/or never go away. Don't take chances . . . . . . please.

    • After they've each had a go at her, you need to take your own turn as well, so you can have a shot at the paternity. You'll be in they birth certificate anyway, and having left a deposit will make it feel more real for you.

    • This is an extremely practical and incredibly sexy solution to a very common problem.
      I love the fact that you're willing to allow her a spot of fun in crafting the fix for the trouble. Ironically, once they're all done with her, she'll have a higher sperm count than you do.

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