Is Having an Affair or Cheating Ever Justified?

For complete transparency I have cheated and had an affair.

Is there ever a defendable reason for having an affair whether it be sexual or emotional or just cheating whether it be a sexting, one night stand or longer.

For clarity I define an affair as a relationship and a relationship that could lead to breaking up or divorcing your SO. I define cheating as essentially a sexual interaction between two consenting people for the benefit of fun / adventure.

These may not be your definitions or understanding but I wanted to provide explanations for what I believe the difference is between the two.

Thank you and I look forward to you responses.

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  • I would say my affair during a year long separation from my husband was justified. I was mid thirties 2 kids,thought life was going great but things between my husband and I weren't. When it started affecting the kids we decided to try a separation. I never thought in a million years I'd end up having an affair. I met a young man,ten years younger to be exact. At first I thought he was just another young guy trying to get in an older woman's pants but he was quite the opposite. What began as a casual chat and drink progressed to casual sex in the space of a couple weeks. He was my go to guy for instant stress relief. It even helped me face talking to my husband again which led to us getting back together.

  • You must not make much noise during sex or your kids would have heard you. You also must have a quiet bed that doesn't make noise except when the headboard accidently bangs against the wall.

  • My husband could never make me moan but my young lover used to be able to. Plus I would never have him over when my kids were home. Mostly I would go to his place and we could be as noisy as we wanted to. And no his bed wasn't quiet either.

  • They are different yes, but both vile acts in their own rights. If you are betraying your partners trust then it’s wrong. If your partner doesn’t deserve such respect then it may fulfill the definitions but isn’t immoral.

  • I've been cheating on my wife off and on for 12 years. It's just sex. I don't consider that to be infidelity. I've fucked a few female coworkers. Multiple times. Sometimes a guy just needs some different pussy. Or a woman that actually lists after the guy. I've sucked dick and I've had guys suck my dick. Guys love giving head and wife never wants to.

  • Yes they are. My wife cheated on me so I began an affair with a woman I worked with. It was the best sex of my life. I wish I was fucking her every single day. She had the most yummy , tasty good sweet pussy.

  • I don't know if they are ever justified, but they do happen when there is little or no sex in a relationship.

  • My wife hung up sex a few years ago, I'm far from dead. I have had several lovers. I have one that We have been lovers for 3 yrs. Then I have had one time lovers.

  • Justified I think technically no. Understandable however in certain situations. Example like when your bitch ex wife decides we are going to have a long sexless marriage. Turned anti nude and masturbating is not to be done.

  • I've read where women are as much, if not more, angered by emotional betrayal than sexual, men, the exact opposite. Sounds like you might get a chance to pose that question to a judge. Good luck with that.

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