Fantasy fulfilled

I have always wanted my wife to be a stripper at the fully nude club. I thought about her giving fully nude lap dances. Of her going into the VIP with men she finds attractive, big muscular black men, and having sex with them.

I dreamed of her throwing away her inhibitions with these men, of giving into her primal desires and allowing them to ride her bareback. I want her to submit and allow them to stretch her pussy out and fill her full if their seed.

I want her to decorate her body as my slut. Pierng her clit with her lovers clit ring as a sign of ownership.

I want her to dress like a slut with sheer toos, high heels amd mini skirts without panties. I want her to regularly wear a jewled butt plug and show it off to men she wanrs to. fuck.

Best of all I dreamed of her foing in business trips with her client to Miami and being fucked senseless fkr a weekend.

Then it came true.

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  • It's my greatest fantasy, as a cuckold, to watch another man take my fiancée's virginity. Nothing turns me on more. I want to feel all the emotions associated with me processing the fact that this is permanent and that she chose another man to use her pussy for the first time she has sex. I obviously want his dick to be much bigger than mine, so he can feel every part of her virgin cunt squeeze his cock. I want this to make me more jealous and humiliated than I've ever been, so that he can make it worse by taunting me with how her cunt feels and how alpha he feels taking my fiancée's virginity. It's one thing to fuck a taken woman, but it's another if she's still a virgin. He will always have it and I can't do anything, except tell him how badly I wish I could be him. I want her to tell him to ruin her pussy for me and to be the first to cum in her.

    Just to be sadistic, I hope he says no to cumming in her, because he sarcasticlly says I don't want him. I want to listen to her beg to be cummed in and tell him she'll be his nasty submissive slut, but continue to deny her, unless I tell him I want him to. When I say I do, I hope he plays games and pretends that he didn't hear me, over and over, until I'm practically begging for him to cum in my fiancée's pussy. I'll tell him how badly I want him to be the first to cum in her, because I need him to completely conquer her pussy more than anything. Everything about this will make me jealous of him beyond human comprehension and I'll tell him that. I'll tell him that I want him to permanently put me in my place in the worst way possible. I need him to know how it feels to cum in a virgin pussy for the first time because she's my fiancée, a taken woman. My taken woman. I need to know that both of them sealed my fate with hot cum.

    I hope this happens.

  • I had this fantasy as well and told my wife, we were 23 years old at the time. She thought it would be sexy to be a stripper but would never do it. We had a weekend trip a couple of hours away and after a day and a night of drinking we passed by a strip club I noticed the day before with the sign outside I had noticed that said Amateurs girls wanted and welcomed.
    While we were in a cab going back to the hotel I pointed out the sign to my wife, I said look baby you can make your naughtiest fantasy come true and strip tonight. She laughed and I said let's do it, I said I dare you, she said let's check it out and I asked the cabbie to drop us off there. When we went in it was about half full and there were maybe 8 girls rotating dancing and mingling with customers. We sat and watched, this was early 2000s and the girls were topless in gstrings and heels. They were not as pretty as my wife. I encouraged her telling her she's hotter than all these girls and that she would dance one song. We went to the girl upfront and inquired about Amateurs and she gave us a form to fill out, some strippers took my wife to the back room and I sat and waited nervously. After what seemed like forever the DJ announces the Amateur dancer coming on stage and pit stepped my nervous wife. She moved around in a bikini and eventually took off her top. Guys we're going up to give her dollar billls and she'd do a little dance for them and put a dollar in her bikini bottom. She got like 20 bucks and she had lots of fun as did I.

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