An Honest Question to Women

I have a honest and real question for women. I’ve been married to my wife for 5 years. Her last bf before me was a black guy. No big deal to me. Seriously no issues for me. But my wife loves TV shows and movies with black guys. She’s always looking at black guys and talks about them often. Pointing them out and saying things like “oh he’s nice looking”.

So women, it is true that once you go black you never go back?

I know it’s a stupid stereotypical question and I’m insecure for asking but I just need to know. And why?


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  • Maybe but not because of size. More of the taboo and excitement behind it. I was engaged to a white man. He was a very good size and quite good in bed. But when my parents retired early and moved to the Caribbean I went to stay with them for 3 months. Met a nice black guy who I began sleeping with. I felt guilty because of my fiance back home but I enjoyed the sex and figured what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Anyway after I got back home and we ended up married I still thought about my cheating and thought I'd be safe as I'd never be in the same situation. But 2 years after we got married my parents invited us both over. I would stay for longer but my hubby couldn't because of work. So guess what? I went back to black.

  • Its a myth all blacks have big cocks. I'm white and have 9 inch cock

  • There are white men that have cocks just as big as black men do.

  • Of course it's true, because no white man will have her nasty ass back.

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