Caught my cheating wife kellywestgate cheating on me

1 month ago

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    • Can’t even get her name right. Amy Kelly oh yeah Bullshit

    • Years ago my wife's girlfriend Lynn and I had a fling. I was worried my saintly wife Amy would catch on and really be hurt. Lynn said don't feel too bad, I heard your princess is Bob's Blowjob Queen. Bob is another friend going through a rough divorce. She does love to suck dick, but she'd never suck off another guy -- or would she? The old gang drifts apart and Bob dies. Now that we don't have to see him 2x year, if she was BJing him, the embarrassment of me knowing is gone. She's pretty broken up with his sudden death. I let a week pass and ask her. Without outing Amy I say my radar picked up something between you and Bob. She said busted, he was telling me he had nothing to live for with his wife dumping him. He was scaring me, I told him close his eyes and something good would happen - I unzipped him gave him a blowjob -- a good one -- I toyed with it an hour. Come around next week here, and I'll give you another BJ. Every Wed I pleasured him for 2 years. I did it for charity at first, then I looked forward to by devilish deed. Never fucked but usually did it topless- why not. He asked to see, I like showing them. Now you know -- RIP Bob.

    • Huh?

      Why is it when one person in a relationship is fucking around on their SO that same person is hurt or wants to know the truth when they find out the other might be doing something.

      I’m not saying it’s ok she gave Bob blowjobs every week but because your relationship with Lynn was never discovered you seem to believe you had the right to call out your wife for her extramarital activities. If the shoe was on the other foot, what would you have to say?

    • Move one get some new pussy or accept it and get pussy on the side or be a cuckhold

    • She cheated for a reason, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why she cheated

    • You blame the victim. Youre probably a good for nothing shrimp dick cheater yourself.

    • Haha

    • Half the married women cheat; usually with a work associate -- they're the half every guy wants to stick his dick in. She picks the one most worthy. 4 out of 5 times the fling ends with no harm. Eiter the husmand never knows or gives her a pass because she's so hot.

    • Are you just reporting on her to shame her or do you like it? Where is she located? There are multiple women with that name.

    • She is from cambourne Cambridge.. google kellywestgate porn videos you will find her on there

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