I’m a straight guy who loves women. I’ve always been very oral with women and love licking and sucking every inch of them. However, I find myself wanting to experience sucking a cock and swallowing the load. No fucking, just sucking. Anyone else?

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  • I feel the same way

  • I would like sex more than I normally get from my wife. There are times when I have gone w/o sex for weeks and weeks & it makes me extremely horny. I’ve gone out with male friends and have taken a peek over at the next stall. Some i have seen are unimaginably much bigger than mine. The thought quickly goes to my wife telling me about some of the one nighters she’s had before me. How huge some of her one nighters were.It arouses me so much I can’t seem to control myself. I’ve sucked one strangers cock one night and it’s unbelievable how holding it and it being so much bigger than mine felt so powerful. I question myself over and over why my wife stayed with me even when we broke up a few times. I knew she was getting her pussy fucked night after night by guys she’s mentioned before as having huge cocks
    I don’t question why she wanted those huge cocks filling her up. I do question why she married my average cock with all those huge cocks she had besides me.
    I can see why so many females love sucking cock

  • Only sucked one cock huge and a nut sack like a bull it tasted good

  • Yes I do

  • I Thought about sucking a guys dick, when i was in my late teens. By my mid twenties i built up the nerve to try it. Never felt the need to repeat the experience. The best part in the end is, when a women complains about blowing me, i can say it isn’t that bed....

  • I was in the same situation as you. I’ve acted on it 3 times over the last 15 years and had a blast everytime. Having a cock in your mouth and sucking it till it shoots a load down your throat is an amazing feeling. I don’t find men attractive and would never consider a relationship with one but I do enjoy sucking cock on occasion!

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