Drunk wife

We went out as part her fortieth birthday celebrations all that week, and my wife got drunk.
We were in a part of town we hardly ever got to, and I knew some of the men in the bar were eyeing her up.
When one of them asked my wife if I was capable of giving her ten inches, she looked at me and I answered for her.
Telling the group of men who were now interested in what I had to say, I wasn't in that category, he responded by asking me if I'd like to watch her getting fucked by a well endowed kid.
To cut out lots of too and fro chat, we ended up in back room with a young man who looked like a geek and two of the men who were in the crowd outside.
My wife opened his shorts and out flopped a massive semi erect penis. Looking my way for assurance and the go ahead, I told her it was her birthday.
She sucked in this kids cock like her life depended on it, then lifting his balls too, she lapped at them and alternated between his cock and balls.
The men watched on, then as my wife slowly removed her clothing, they too out their dicks too.
I followed suit and soon all three of us were watching my now naked wife, sucking this well endowed youngster off.
When the kid began to thrust into her mouth hard, she let his cock go, stood up and leaned over the cheap desk in the corner.
Again looking my way, I thought she was going to ask my permission, but instead she said "His cock is so much bigger honey".
He stepped up to my wife, slid his cock up her from behind and went at it like a jack hammer.
The men were hollering and shouting and my wife was moaning like crazy. She shuddered within seconds of him fucking her and I knew she was having an orgasm.
And it just continued on and on and on as he gripped her hips and ass. When she'd climaxed hard once again, I saw him buck deeper into her and I sensed then heard him cum in my wife.
He withdrew and I thought that was it. But the guy who'd asked me the questions outside, got up behind my wife and slid his cock straight into her sloppy cum drenched hole.
He lasted no more than a minute, his cum adding to the young mans. Just about the same time it took me and the other man to cum all over the floor in front of us.
We walked, I did, my wife almost looked like she was on a horse still, out of the bar and I flagged down a cab.
When we got in she slurred out she wanted a drink. When I came back from the kitchen, my wife was lay flat out on the couch, legs spread wide, with her pussy showing.
Not able to help myself, I got on my knees put my face into her pussies wetness and began to lick her out.
She tasted amazing and I was soon rock hard wanting to fuck her. But I carried on tonguing my wife until I felt her pushing my head into her soaking wet folds.
She orgasmed all over my face and began to calm down. It was then I got in between her legs and fucked my wife like I'd not done in a long time.
I fucked her pussy and asshole over and over again in different positions, and was still fucking her when she went through another two orgasms.
The morning after with her suffering from a huge hangover, she asked me how long and how much had I fucked her.
She genuinely didn't remember, I thought, of having sex in the bar, but somehow remembered me licking her out in our home. She took it from that, I assumed, and the fact I fucked her again early in the morning, that it had been only me sticking my cock inside her holes.
I'd never told her the real reason why she was sore down there for days. Nor why I took the opportunity to have us both tested for 'free' as part of a social sexual survey.
Fortunately we both checked out clear and I've never come close to doing anything like that again.
Only three weeks ago, a year or so after her bar fuck, my wife and I were passing the place in my car. She commented how amazing it was that night and how horny it was for me to lick her out after the other guys had fucked her.
She'd known all along and said nothing. Looking at me with knowing sexual eyes, my wife then said "Home would be a better place, if, you ever wanted to try it again".
Three weeks on and I'm definitely contemplating having men round to fuck my wife and see where it leads.

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  • On our 2nd wedding anniversary my wife got drunk and when we got home started fucking like rabbits, I pulled out and shot a bigger load than i usually do all over her stomach, then asked her if she like that fat load. She laughed and blurted out Duke (my pure bred black lab) cums way more than that... What???? Shes like ya, check this out, she called Duke in and he licked my cum off her and started to lick her pussy. I was in shock, in a matter of seconds she rolled onto her knees and Duke mounted her, she started cumming almost instantly. Now Duke is almost 90 lbs, my wife is 5'3 130 lbs latina, I couldn't believe what i was seeing. Then she moaned out good boy cum baby. All of a sudden she squirted and he stopped humping but didnt pull away. After a few minutes he jumped off of her and his cock was huge. She was still cumming when she told me watch this and she started pushing his cum out, she didn't stop for 5 minutes, just cum flowing out of her like a river down her legs. Needless to say I couldn't control myself and came like 3 times.

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