Should we go public

We started dating about a year ago and kept it a secret from everybody for an obvious reason: we're nephew and aunt. I openly always liked and dated older women, she always openly liked and dated younger men, and has always stayed single with no children. One night we bumped into each other at a bar, and let's just say that alcohol, a repressed attraction and a secret puberty crush did their thing. Our chemistry in bed was like a nuclear bomb. I don't think there's a sexier, dirtier, more passionate woman on the planet, and I'm totally her type.
We've been at it for a year, but to go on dates we have to make up stories and go to far away places (once we know we're safe, we behave like a normal couple and can barely keep our hands off each other). It's a little frustrating, but now we're wondering, should we make our relationship public? It's a pressing question, since she's pregnant and the baby is obviously mine. She's 44, so it's not exactly a low risk pregnancy, but she wants to keep it and I want to support her. People will start making questions eventually, even if she refuses to reveal who the father is, it'll become quite obvious I'll be the closest man to the baby.


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  • If this were true, the best thing to do is to pack up and move to a different part of the country, where nobody knows you, maybe down south where this kind of stuff is more acceptable.

  • In your given situation, your aunt will have to say something eventually, but I'd wait until she really starts showing first.

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