Moms boyfriend asked me to model

My mothers current boyfriend is a freelance photographer for a local advertising company and one day he asked me to model a few lingerie pieces,he said nothing too saucy since it will be in print. He had a person lined up but she never showed and he would miss his deadline . I stripped naked and put on first couple of pieces,no big deal,nothing too risky , the last one i put on showed my nipples a little and was really cut close near my pussy.
Scared a little I walked out to the backdrop he posed me up and noticed my nipples Im sure . After about 10 or 12 different shots , he had me stand and he came over to adjust the shoulder straps and slid them down onto my arms ,He then took a few shots . Here I am 19 standing half naked in front of my moms boyfriend,what was he thinking,hell,what was i thinking ? Them he walked up and slid my arms out of the straps , took a few more pictures,Then had me pose with my hands behind my head, he adjusted my arms and said stand still we are almost done , and slid the top down exposing my tits . In my head im freaking out, but loving it . I was frozen,I couldnt move , he took many photos of me that way then said Sadie, do you want to keep going ?
I said I guess ( i was so nervous I didnt know what to say ).
He came over to repose me and slid the bottoms off,now im nude, and put the lingerie over my arm like i was carrying it somewhere , and I said , I dont want this in public for people to see . He said these are strictly for him, ok ?
He took about 10 different clean poses about a hundred pictures, and it was over . Im 22 now , they broke up over a year ago ,and I still sneak over there from time to time without my mom knowing of course ,and do nudes for him for pay which he says are only for him. ( I know he j/o's to them ) . These are a little more pornographic because in several i held my pussy open while he took pictures, And he has never touched me .. I love it actually

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  • send me some pics little girl

  • When first dating my wife, age 23 then, I was a photo bug and asking her to pose for pictures. she like no no, "let me lose 5 pounds first, my (big) tits are sagging" (the weren't) and your bra got that covered. Finally have a fresh 36 roll of Kodacrome. you're posing, say cheese. She goes let me get ready, I'll be right back. Well she comes out of the room in her birthday suit. I'm like luck me and I shoot the whole roll. She knows all these sexy poses, she's a ringer. Then I tell her I wasn't expecting nudes. "Enjoy them, show your buddies your cool new girlfriend -- just like my old boyfriend did" 1975 and now she's in her 60's I'm still loving them picture -- GET COPIES (maybe hide the open pussy shots)

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