Being Naughty

I guess I have gotten the holiday blues. That's why I'm on here, to relieve my self and tell my story of what I done. I'm a 76 year old senior living alone my body is not what it was. I've put on a few pounds and my big breasts sags. My younger cousin has a boyfriend a bit younger than her. He's a pretty good handy man. He was able to repair items that quit around the house. The holidays was coming up and I was lonely and depressed. I decided if I good get my cousin's boyfriend interested in me. So when he showed up to help me, I was dressed only in a sheer nightgown and seamed stockings. I definitely caught his attention. He was able to see my saggy tits and dark haired kitty.
I gave him the impression that I was cleaning house, but really was trying to tease him with the body that I got. He watched my tits hang and sway and when I climbed on the step stool. I pretended to rest on the sofa where is was able to see my hairy kitty. Finally he said to me, "You got bigger breasts than your cousin and I enjoy looking at them." I thanked him for the compliment. Then I asked him what he sees in my younger cousin. He then confessed to me she blows and jerks him really good.
I said to him, "Come here babe." He came close to me eyeing my aged body. I reached over and felt and rubbed between his legs. He reached down and groped my breasts. "Oh baby!" I said as I unzipped him and saw what he has. "You mean my cousin gets that in her mouth!" He begins to tell me she doesn't but licks and kisses it while stroking it with her hand. Then I tell him I could tit fuck better than her. "Bet you could because she has no big tits." Then I tell him climb aboard and tit fuck me.
He took off his pants and straddled me as I lifted my gown and squeezed my breasts around his endowment. "Does she swallow?' I asked as he pumped my breasts. "No!" he said. "I could please you that way if you like." I told him as I opened my mouth. I grabbed that cock and started to jerk it with both hands with it pointed towards my mouth. He had such a big load that it went into my mouth and all over my face. I pushed him down and told him to eat me. He played with my clit with his fingers as he licked and sucked my kitty.
I told him next time if he's horny and helping me, I want his dick in me. I'm still waiting.

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  • Got me stroking myself! Love the thought of you getting so dirty.

  • Yeh old men get bigger tits now and then. In other words GIVE IT UP FAGGOT!!
    You'r a fucking fat old man thats it.

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