Family secrets

What is your deepest darkest family secret?

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  • My wife's father was a huge pervert who took hundreds of pictures of her in various states of undress from in her underwear to completely nude. This took place when she was a tween to early teens. At first he told her he was getting into photography and needed a model which she thought was fun. She soon figured out what he was really doing as each time she "modeled" for him he had her remove more clothing until she was posing for the pictures nude and in very sexual positions. When she was in her thirties he was dying from lung cancer and told her to go to the cabin the family owned and where to retrieve the pictures so no one else would find them . I found them tucked away in the trunk of her car about a year after he died.

  • When I was 11 I woke up. one nyt to a warm wet feeling on my cock and realising it was my mother she ran out the room and we've never spoken about that since but I've masturbated plenty of times thinking of her sucking my young cock, no wonder I'm perverted.

  • Why did your mum run off?

  • My daughter stuffs junk food in her dressing gown pocket and sneaks it upstairs. She thinks we all don't know, but we can see her reflection through the glass door, emptying the snack cupboard.

  • I'm the oldest of 4 and I figured out in my mid teens that our youngest sibling,our sister,is not our dads kid.Because mum and dad used to swing alot when we were younger.I found this out because we were staying at a friends house just down the road while mum and dad had a couple friends round.I snuck back home at night to get something and had a look thru the back lounge window.My dad was fuckin some woman who wasn't my mum.I went round to the main lounge and my mum was naked on the sofa with a guy layin between her legs fuckin her.I was very much shocked but that soon changed as I continued watching.My dick started to get hard as I watched my mum gettin fucked by this strange man.When he finished and pulled out he didn't have a condom on and I could soon see the cum dripping out of mum.I found out this happened a couple times a month.

  • My uncle used to take me to work on his apartment buildings anytime he needed help . It started when I was 14 and by 30 yrs old I had inherited two buildings after he passed. My uncle was never married and had no children .The family rumor was that he was gay but he would always tell me he preferred to be single . After he died I was going through the books on the building he left me. One tenant Mrs. Grant paid half of what the other tenants in that building paid and another woman Ms. Carol in the other building was the same . Ms. Carol had a note by her name , collect rent on the 4th everyone else was to pay on the first of the month. The first time I went to collect the rent I found out why Mrs. Grant only paid half the rent every month as the first thing out of her mouth when she opened the door was " same arrangement as I had with your uncle?" I said I wasn't sure what that arrangement was but maybe we could work something out. She invited me in and told me matter of fact twice a month she would take her shirt and bra off suck his cock and he would then cum on her face and tits , absolutely no fucking because she was married.I will admit having her telling me about sucking his cock had me getting turned on and it wasn't long before I agreed to the same deal. So there I was getting my cock sucked by a 60 something women and cumming on her tits while standing in her living room. Ms . Carol in the other building again a woman in her 60s would suck and fuck for half the rent. So the family secret was my uncle wasn't gay he was getting taken care of by two of his tenants.

  • Hate to tell you. He was still gay and I let him suck my cock for reduced rent.

  • My husband had to work, so I attended my sisters wedding alone. I was so pissed, I ended up drinking too much, needless to say I was dancing and letting strange men feel me up, and then my god son takes me to his room, and I just stripped and fucked him, over and over. In the morning I fucked him one last time before going home to my husband

  • Hope he was young x

  • My families secret is that my wife has had a boyfriend for the past 4 years. We have a semi-open marriage. Family thinks he's just a friend. He's at all the family get togethers.

  • When I was growing up ,every summer I was sent to stay with my grandmother. When I turned 12 she would have me take a bath and then she would come into the bedroom and give me a handjob saying she didn't want me having wet dreams and messing up my underwear or her sheets.It was all very matter of fact , bath .go to my room and she would come in put some baby oil on her hands and jerk me off all while talking about what we were doing the next day like this was completely normal.

  • Me , my sisters and my cousins used to all spend two weeks at my grandmother's farm. She had a small pond we swam in and a little outdoor shower for rinsing off after working or swimming. When I was 13 I discovered I could see down into the shower from the loft of the barn and would spy on my sister and female cousins when they showered. Long story short I'm up in the loft watching one of my cousins in the shower, shorts and underwear at my ankles stroking away when my grandmother catches me . She told me to go back to watching and she reached around and jerked me off telling me how naughty I was for spying on them.

  • I've been having sex with my hot older sister for years, including when we were both married (I also had sex with her before, and, first after, her wedding, making me her last while single, and first post I-Do). A friend of her husband's had a boathouse, and she'd offer to clean it every other weekend or so, alone. She was never alone there. I was with her every time, having sex with her in every room of that boathouse, and even on the deck. Hell, the down the road owners thought we were a couple and said so. You two make such a great couple, always so touchy and hands on each other when we see you out in town.

    My then-wife had zero clue about it, and would say how it's "so nice" that I'd clean a boathouse that wasn't mine to help out my sister, who she was also afraid of. As for sister's husband, he saw my helping her as getting him off the hook so he could go drink all weekend at his hunting cabin with the guys. He thanked me all the time, too. Not just for the cleaning, but, "keeping her company" so he didn't have to. Dude had no idea that most of our time there was spent naked and all over each other. We'd clean in a blitz, usually late Sunday afternoon before leaving.

  • Our secret is my wife cuckolds me. Im in a chastity cage and crossdress. To most people im still the man of the house but really im a cocksucking sissy slut.

  • My boy cousin's were fooling around with me since I was a little girl. My mom and aunt kind of knew it and thought it was cute??

  • I am attracted to my cousins

  • Are they boys or girls?

  • My uncle was close kin to Adolf Hitler, and supervised the murders of hundreds of thousands of Jews at the Auschwitz concentration camp. I have several hours of film documenting his work there, but I dare not expose this, my deepest, darkest family secret.

  • What was your uncle's name?

  • Ya I'd keep that one quiet

  • I've had sex with my sister many times.

  • I knew my parents were swingers and found homemade xxx pics and VHS tapes of them

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