Caught Red-Handed, With a Red One, In My Hand

Lets harken back to that wonderful decade of the 70's, yet again, before herpes, AIDS, and shaved pubes. My socially retarded friend, Ric, was going to have a party at his parent's lake house, and put me in charge of inviting like-minded guests. We liked sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. So did all of my friends.

I invited three couples, one of whom were both bisexual, Ronnie and Candy, another in which the male, Freddie, was closeted bisexual, even to his beautiful g/f, Sue, and another, Steve and Lisa, who were straight, but, party animals. I also invited two straight, single girls, Patti and June, and a young, single guy, Danny, who was kind of a try sexual. I would be accompanied by the girl I was dating, Bonnie, and her younger sister Debbie. I was closeted bisexual. Ric would be with the girl he was dating, Gina, who was a free-wheeling leftover hippie, and open to pretty much everything. Ric was closet bisexual, and a real oddball.

The way it turned out, as far as attendance goes, Ronnie and Candy, Steve and Lisa, Patti and June, which surprised me, Danny and another guy, Brice, a punk wastoid ,all showed up. Freddie, the dog, showed up alone. I knew we would all skinny-dip and SO wanted to see Sue naked. Oh well, them's the breaks.

Gina had organized food and drink, Ric the music, Steve was a dope dealer and had brought cocaine, weed, and Quaaludes, I had brought hashish, and some Seconal ( reds ) , Bonnie a huge bottle of scotch and Drambuie , for rusty nails, Danny had brought mushrooms, Freddie ZIP, except his large dick, and Patti and June, also ZIP, except their nice bodies. The hosts had also sprung for a keg of beer.

We rolled bomber hash joints, everybody partook, then we hit the food spread. Everybody but Brice, who had already started on the keg, and a red, and the bomber joint. He passed out within the hour, and missed all the fun.
We blasted Bowie, and Deep Purple, but danced to Parliment / Funkadelic and J. Geils. Drink flowed, coke was snorted, ludes were popped, and another bomber was passed. I sipped a rusty nail, took a few tokes, helped myself to a few lines, but avoided the 'ludes and the reds. I didn't want to be like Brice. Bonnie kept an eye on Debbie, regulating her drink and drug intake, allowing her weak rusty nails, and a few tokes. I saw Freddie slip little sister a lude. The dog !

Being a hot summer night, the dark lake beckoned and clothes began falling off. There was a long dock, with a boat house halfway down. Eventually, everyone was nude, in the water, or milling about. Bonnie had already issued the order, "Hands off Debbie ! ", she didn't want me getting touchy-feely, though I had fucked every girl there, but, her sister. Lisa was very jealous of Steve even though she and I once had a fling, on the quiet. Candy was pretty jealous of Ronnie, but, decided to be open for this night. Patti, June and Danny were unattached and on the prowl. Gina was open for anything, as was Ric, even though his various hang=ups would hobble him.

I resolved to honor Bonnie's request to remain hands off chaste, though I didn't really consider us an item. That didn't stop Patti, June, Candy, Ronnie, and even Debbie from groping me, under the water. All the men would get out of the water with hard ons, or, half-staff. At one point Bonnie swam up to me, we entangled and kissed, and she mounted me, and rode me to completion, all very subtle, secretive. She wanted another drink, and so did I so, I got out, went back to the house to make them. Lisa was holding Freddie's dick as Steve "allowed" her to stroke it, a little. " I think this thing would make me sore ! " she decided, and let it go. I laughed, and climbed the dock.

Freddie followed me, asking "You think your friend Ric will fuck me ? " I wasn't completely surprised he asked. By not bringing his g/f, his dog status made him risky goods, all the women, except Debbie, and Gina knew Sue and liked her. They weren't going to touch Freddie, nine inch cock, or not. I looked down the dock and saw Ric duck into the boathouse. "He just went in the boathouse, ask him", I said, heading for the house.

On my way back with the drinks, I looked in the boathouse. Freddie and Ric had the best bodies, of all the men, there. They both worked out religiously, and Ric ran cross country. To see them both, at the same time, bare, half erect, was an erotic sight. Freddie was taller at six foot four, and loomed over Ric, six foot one. He looked a little scared, cowed by Freddie's aggressive attitude and size, including, certainly, his large, beautiful cock. Soft and at half staff, it was an absolute thing of beauty. At full boner, it was more like a wild, new, angry species of snake, deep red, veiny, shiny , flared, and massive cock head. The gasoline to this fire was Debbie, little sister, standing between them, looking wonderously from one to the other. Her body was way different than her sister's. She was a little taller. much bustier, better figure in general.

"C'mon man, you know you want to, " Freddie said softly. His cock twitched and grew, as Debbie watched, and chimed in, "Yeah, you know you do, and I wanna watch ! " Ric looked more scared, one eye twitching. His own more modest and narrow cock grew a little too. My cock grew a little too. Then, I threw caution as well as resolutions to the wind, and stepped forward, taking Freddie's engorged snake in my hand, and stroking it as I said, "Don't be scared of this, it will do you wonders ! " Ric smirked, saying, "I bet you would know, " Debbie beamed, but the air went away. "What in the fuck are you doing ? " a voice screeched. We turned and it was Bonnie, more pissed than I could ever imagine. Her face was a mask of shock and anger. I dropped his snake like a red hot poker, pun intended.

"She was just watching, " I tried to change the elephant in the room, meaning Debbie being involved, but Bonnie was incensed, otherwise. " Yeah, just watching you jack another man's dick ! Debbie, get on your fucking clothes we're leaving right now ! " Debbie, who had been enduring a bunch of " No, no more of that ! " from Bonnie all night, put her hands on her shapely hips and yelled back, " No, I'm NOT leaving ! " That particular fight almost came to blows, but Bonnie stood firm. I was their ride for the thirty minute drive back to town, so, I shrugged into my clothes, too. No amount of arguing, pleading, and cajoling would change her mind. Freddie and Ric had faded into the shadows, both worried about their own reputations. I quietly told Ronnie and Candy I would be back in a bit, and they smiled in sympathy. Bonnie mixed her an extra-large rusty nail, and we were out of there.

Tearful ride for both ladies, I ground my teeth, lost in self-pity and self-loathing. At some point a drunken Bonnie began crying louder saying she was a fool for thinking I would be the one to put a ring on her finger. I wanted to respond with hurtful things but remained mum. I wasn't husband material. Period ! I dropped them off, Bonnie not speaking, but, Debbie mouthed, "Call me" A few months later, I would.

In the hour I was gone the party had cleared out. All that remained were Ronnie , Candy, Danny, and passed out Brice, and the hosts. I popped a red, got drunk and wasted. Apparently, I bedded down with Ronnie and Candy, and Danny with Ric and Gina. Not much memory of any goings on.

Freddie and Ric's reputations would remain intact, I repaired my friendship with Bonnie, and I would meet Debbie at a no-tell motel for torrid sex, once involving Danny, though he and I kept our hands off each other. As they often do, this incident would fade from everyone's memory, but, mine. That too will fade, in time

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