Desire can be taboo

Desire desire desire of a young boy who should of been playing video games and having a child's mind , instead he desired sex and time , space , opportunity, places make desires become reality, he started off watching real sex on HBO and it ended up having real sex with a unexpected mother, he kept sneaking in her room getting more and more comfortable in her bed and eventually achieving his taboo desire and the night it happened went like this.... Snuck in her room , took off his clothes, raised her night gown up so her ass was revealed, gently slid down the panties , got on top but the taboo surprising reaction is amazing because the dick slid in her which means she was arrosed and snoring turnt into moaning and squeaky bed aaaaaw ooooh aaaaaw yes yes I was heard from under a pillow

10 months ago

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    • Seriously ? You mean the pillow over her face didn't eventually quiet her down ?

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