Want To Be Owned

I’m a 21 year old female and I’ve always had the fantasy of being completely owned by someone. I’ve tried dating and having more “vanilla” relationships but it’s not working for me. I want to basically be a house slave/wife and work freelance from home so that I can keep the house clean and always have dinner ready for when my husband/owner/master/etc. arrives home. I also want to be sexually available 24/7 to him and for him to chose what I am to wear (if I’m even allowed to wear anything at all). For me, I see men as superior to me so they should be dominant and always in control, while I should be submissive, know my place, and obey without question. I’m worried that I’ll never be satisfied with anything less than that, but so far I’ve been unable to find a man who’s wanting the same thing.

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  • Man oh mann.... I would call you my bitch and my personal slut just thinking about you excites me so much 😂 god I would have you wearing high heels every day with short skirts or short shorts and crop topssss amd tight dresses every dayyy or just a plain sexy thong or lingerie to easily fuck you through out the dayyy,and honestly by that point anytime you are to wear skirts or mini dresses your getting bent over and fucked no questions asked amd since thats what you want when ever i get bored imma say
    "Come here fucken whore" and make u suck my dick 😤 shit ill have you so sexually available to me ill have you trained to pull down ur pants and bend over and let all my friends fuckk ill have you so caught up in my leash that you'll fuck for the rent money when the rent is already paid in advance 😤but I wont because you'll be only my sex slave ill have you dress damn near naked when my friends come over like the fucken little dirty house slut you want to be

  • I would love to have a younger woman I can control and take care of. I would want to come home to you and have you dressed up really sexy. I would want you to be in heels black thigh highs lace panties and bra and a short tight skirt. Your hair done and makeup. When I get home I want to lift up your skirt and bend you over and pull down your panties and fuck u. I want you to be my whore but I would treat you good.

  • Have you tried looking into FetLife?

  • Email me little girl spamfolder4cc@gmail.com

  • Would fuck his friends?

  • I am a dominant Male and really want a relationship with a female like you

  • Honey I m Jane I am 25 and I thought I wanted that, however a few months ago I saw my boyfriend get spanked bare bottom over his moms knee (he is 24) and I thought there is no way I want a guy in charge of me

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