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Anyone here have tips on picking up older women? I’m a guy in my mid20s, and I’ve always been attracted to older women (talking about 10 up to 30 years older than me). I’ve always dated women my age because I was embarrassed about my preference, but now I’m ready to do something about it, doesn’t matter if it’s in person or through dating apps. Any advice?

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  • I worked in NYC and commuted to work via a suburban bus. I was 28 years old and married. One day this older women with a great rack sat down next me. She was 49 years old and single. We talked and I found out she worked two blocks away from me. We started sitting next to each other every day and walking to work together. One night I saw her after work walking to the bus terminal. I asked her if she would like to stop for a drink. One drink led to another next thing i knew her hand was on my cock. I got the message. We road home on the bus I got off at her stop. Went to her house fucked the shit out her. She drove me two blocks away from my house and I walked home. This continued for 14 years. What a great piece of ass. She retired and move to Florida three years ago End of a great affair. I still keep in touch with her and maybe one day I might take a trip to Florida just to see if the magic is still there.

  • I moved from London back to the North East 10 years ago. I hooked up with an old girlfriend who is married with kids. In our early twenties she was a total slut loved anal and pissing and the most filthy dirty talker I’ve ever met. 20 years on nothing has changed we meet once or twice a month and just fuck the brains out of each other. Her appetite for anal has not diminished and her dirty talk is even better she is in to everything taboo.

  • My wife only dates guy in their early twenties, she is 42. She knows they’re not realistic relationships so they’re just for her pleasure.

  • Good for you. Your very lucky

  • Go for it. When I was in my 20's and 30's I dated and slept with a number of older women and they ate it up. At that time most girls my age either wanted to get married, we're teases, or sluts. But the cougers really appreciated a younger guy. I'm fact one of the gals i was trying to date was playing hard to get. I met up with her one night and she was with her mom. So I started flirting with mom and had her spread across the floor with my head between her legs when the daughter came home a few hours later. The mom was one of the best I've ever had. With older women all you have to do is flirt with them, listen to them, and tell them you want them.

  • The dentures must come out first

  • Most single/divorced women in their 30s are still raising multiple kids and shit, but they still are in their sexual prime, so if you can deal with the kids it's not all that bad. It's my experience that women in their 40s+ don't really like to fuck that much and are looking for companionship/friendship, but they are usually fuckable early in the relationship, because they know that is what guys want. But don't expect them to put out for long. Btw, I'm 24 and in the last 3 years have dated two women in their 40s and three in their 30s, some slightly long term. There are pros and cons to dating older, but actually I've recently decided to date women my age because I'm tired of dealing with the baggage of older women.

  • Stop categorizing women. Age has nothing to do with ones personally. If a woman wants to have sex, she will, doesn't matter how old she is. I dated a 40 year old woman when I was 27. She is the one who came on to me, she's the one who wanted to have sex all the time. I dated her for several years and it was always her who wanted more sex than me. She wanted to fuck 2 and 3 times a night almost every night. We broke up because I got a job out of state and she wouldn't leave with her kids.

  • I like being with younger males, I currently have two that I have been seeing for 18 months, I have trained them to my needs and they are fantastic lovers, I really feel so good being seen out with them

  • Old women are sometimes hard to bag. I usually bait them in with a bottle of prune juice and a case of Depends diapers.

  • Most women my age, 47 by the way, will definitely let you know if they are interested in you. We are called Cougars for a reason, we seek out prey and pleasure the hell out of them or boss them around for our pleasure.
    I have been with a few early to late 20's guys and most of them know what they are doing and we have a great time.
    Try Ash Madison's site, you have to buy credits but you will find interested women for your age group.
    Careful what you wish for though!!

  • Wtf dude, if you have to ask, you are not serious. You pick up older women the same fucking way you pick up women your own age. You fucking ask them.

  • Gee, go ask your mom or aunt

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