Caught son in law

I recently walked in on my son in law masturbating in the family bathroom he just looked at me and shot his load and said he always thinks of me when he wanks .
Im in my 80s so to think someone masturbates thinking of me does get me wet .

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  • I'm only 73 but I've been doing my grandson for awhile now and it is great! If your son-in-law masturbates thinking of you then he'd gladly do you. Give him a go, who knows maybe you'll end up like me, a geriatric nympho!

  • My MIL caught me when she was about 55. She walked into our bedroom, froze in the doorway and I kept jerking until I came. She watched.

    It was a weird relationship.

    Though I'd seen her in her underwear, she'd seen me naked several times, so many that it didn't surprise her or me anymore. She came in a couple of times while I was showering and getting ready to have a conversation. Once, we sat in her sauna; she wore a towel, I sat on mine and went nude.

    I didn't want sex from her but she would always give hello and goodbye kisses. To friends and family, she'd kiss the cheek. To really close family, she'd peck their lips. She'd kiss my cheeks until once, I moved my head and kissed her lips. From then on, she'd kiss my lips.

  • My mom caught me masturbating, but she didn't say anything, she just watched. I was ready to bust a nut, and couldn't stop myself from shooting my load all over my mom's robe. I didn't know what to expect next. My mom didn't say a word, she just took off her robe revealing that she was naked under it. She came over and sucked my cock clean before bringing my hands to her great tits. I played with them, sucked on her nipples, and within just a few minutes, I was hard again. Then we fucked like long lost lovers, moaning, grunting, and shouting words of encouragement to each other. Then we came hard together, like never before for either of us. We ended up fucking five times more before collapsing into each others arms.

  • Being in your 80's is kind of getting up there to still be overly attractive, but your son-in-law must think so. If your pussy's wet, it needs a hard cock inside of it. Tell him to quit thinking and start doing.

  • No, no 80 year old woman is on Naughty Posts. More like you're a 14 year old teenage boy.

  • You sound like the son-in-law. Go ahead and bang her if your instincts are true.

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