Ive always loved masturbating. I always had a towel or a dirt etc. for clean up. But I’ve recently found out that I love to cum directly into the blankets on the bed or a soft sheet and feeling the wetness against my skin. Does anyone else enjoy this too??

3 months ago

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    • I can’t wait to hear about you stroking your hard penis outside for the world to see thinking about me doing the same while I watch shemale cum eating videos and reading this thread. Thrusting my hard uncut cock in and out of my silicone pussy toy. Then filling the lips with warm cum and sucking it in my mouth and swallowing it all. Ugg I can’t wait to have alone time this afternoon about 2:00. Unfortunately I can not make you a proud brother though as I internalize my sexual fantasies very hard and I have a brother whom I loath. But with that said I do have a co usin I’ve always wanted to make proud and fool around with. We used to Jack off together and it was always so much fun! I hope this is something that can help!

    • Don’t use your hands, let it build slowly, use a pillow soft cotton is the best. I don’t have any sex toys Sometimes I put on just jogging bottoms and tee shirt and go out into garage, sometimes at night sit in garden. I was digging garden and had jeans on, heavy shoes as it had been raining earlier in morning. I needed to go to toilet and just could be bothered to get shoes off etc so I just let it flow. Quite a nice sensation

    • You really should get a sex toy! They feel amazing and they help you last longer and give you bigger more explosive orgasms. I’ve done the pillow as well but I’ll fold it around my penis and use lube. It’s messy but the feeling is mind blowing.

    • Omg your so right. I often take my wifes. Anal balls out and get them up my ass real good. Then slowly start slanking my cock. As i get close to cumming i stop and release 1 ball then go. Back to stroking. repeatiing 6 times. When im ready to cum i pull the last ball and drop my load all over myself

    • I love my silicone pussy, it’s almost better than the real thing. The first one I bought was on the cheap, threw it out. Next I got a larger realistic looking pussy and butt with two entries , well with the extra money. Just getting my dick in that tight little hole makes me cum. Love it.

    • I agree with you! I had a realistic pussy and ass that I loved!! I don’t use it that much because the same thing happens. I’d be crazy horny and hard then I’d lube it up and just getting into the tight lips or the extra tight ass makes me cum almost instantly. It’s disappointing how fast it’s over.

    • That is the truth, instant orgasm. I secretly took my wife’s dildo and stretched the pussy opened, helped a little but still came fast. I’d like to think I have this monster cock but I don’t. Just a not so big average dick.

    • Same here. I have a bit longer about 7.5 inches but fairly slender penis and I’m uncircumcised so when the lips of the toy pulls my foreskin back around the head it’s over from there. Instant cumming. It feels amazing but again I would just want it to last longer. I’m working on stamina but that toy just ruins me haha.

    • No. I love to eat my cum when I masturbate.

    • I’ve been wanting to get into that too. But when I’m horny enough I’ll use my fleshlight or just a lubed up hand but as soon as I cum the desire to try it goes away instantly. It’s really frustrating me because I really want to try it out. Any tips? Also, I’m not in good enough shape to do the upside down and cum directly into my mouth.

    • That is a normal reaction to a fantasy you may have! I would follow your reaction and leave it in fantasy land where it belongs!

    • You have to just do it. Cum in your hand and slurp it up, you will get over the normal reaction of can’t do this. It gets easier every time you do it. I’m so used to it that I ate it off my wife’s belly one night without thinking. I got the “when did you start doing that , how sick” , she asked if I was having affairs with other men. I told her I’m not gay just wanted to try it and it wasn’t as bad as she says.
      Anyway I still love to eat my cum.
      Let me know when you do it.

    • Sounds good!! Thanks for the advise!! I wish my wife was that open minded I think she would have a complete meltdown if I did that. I’ll definitely let you know when I try it. Having some encouragement makes it more exciting and makes me want to try it more!!! I’ve also been thinking of cumming just inside my sex toy and licking it from there. Any thoughts on if that might be easier?

    • I have silicone pussy I use once in a while. Love it, feels incredible. I have pulled out right as I cum and shoot on the lips. Then i lick it off.
      Don’t know why you are having so much hesitation about your cum in your mouth, it’s yours. Make sure you hold it your mouth and actually taste it, you’ll find it petty good. Nobody needs to know.
      As far as your wife that’s to bad she might have a meltdown, I guess somethings cross the line. We all got stuff we keep in the closet.

    • I hear what your saying. I don’t know why I have the hesitation either. I think it’s a mix of growing up with a lot of stigmas about cum and being gay (I grew up around a lot of hate) and just losing interest after my orgasm. But I’ve decided I’m fully committed to trying it to the fullest and holding it in my mouth for the full experience and to really know it. Also I’m going to hold off masturbating for a few more days. The longer I wait the hornier I get and the chances of a bigger fuller cum load to try gets better. I’m thinking I’ll use my pussy toy and plan on licking it off/out of there. Thanks again for the help and encouragement!!

    • Holding off for a week or so will get you bit more excited for sure. It’s really not as weird as everyone thinks it is. Kind of strange but thinking of you getting in the mood to eat your own cum gets me horny. Now that would make my wife have a meltdown.
      Look forward to your progress.

    • I know how you feel!! I would have a lot of explaining to do if my wife saw this thread. Hahaha. I’m glad you said something about that. If I’m being honest the fact that you know I’m getting worked up to eat my own cum is making me really horny too!! It’s kind of motivational telling you and I feel like it’s going to make me hold myself accountable to take it all the way and go through with it. I feel like I might read this thread while I’m using my toy so I don’t forget how much it turns me on and chicken out hahaha.

    • So yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation and this thread. I was thinking about what you said with your pussy toy. How you would cum on it then lick it off and sorry if this is weird but it was making me crazy horny. Picturing you pumping it full of sperm then laying down to enjoy or bringing it up to your mouth. It got me so horny i stared to have some precum drip into my pants. So I pulled myself out sure enough I was wet so I let some pool up in my foreskin (I’m not circumcised) and I got a medium sized drop on my fingers and I didn’t think I just brought it straight to my mouth. It was an amazing feeling and taste and texture. I have never been so excited to lick my own creamy sperm off of my pussy toys lips and feel it pool up on my tongue. I still want to wait to have a full orgasm until I can be alone and have a lot of fun with it. But I’ve never been more confident that I’ll actually do it this time. Again thank you for the encouragement and making it not so strange to want to try.

    • I don’t think it’s weird that this is turning both of us on ,we like it. I’m crazy for trying to get you into something I’ve done for a long time and you’ve only thought of. Loosing the desire after you climax is the hardest part to overcome but once you have it in your mouth you’ll see it’s no bit deal. I have to find some me time today to jerk off, all this talk of cuming makes me horny. The weather is finally starting to warm up so I can strip down naked outside, get some sun and play with myself. My wife is used to me sun bathing nude.
      And yes I sure don’t want her be read this

    • It’s not crazy at all. It’s something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time and you are giving me the confidence to just go for it. And talking about it with you is making me very horny!! And honestly the losing interest after I cum is the part I’m losing my worries about by talking with you. I’m enjoying the conversation a lot!! Unfortunately I work on the weekends so I probably won’t be able to have me time until Monday. I am jealous that you can be naked outside and stroke your cock. It’s still to cold where I am but I have a private back yard that I’m looking forward to playing in when it warms up. The thought of you playing outside and licking your cum is going to make the rest of my workday hard hahaha. Are you planning on using a toy or just a hand and lube?

    • Also I was just thinking. Is there anything you have wanted to try but just haven’t been able/confident enough to try? You are helping me with my cum eating I feel like I should maybe help you realize a kink or fantasy. If not not worries. But if so don’t be afraid to put it out there.

    • It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday in the the low 80s, perfect for starting my new tan. I too have a very large private back yard where I can find a place to hide. So I did what I set out to do and man did I ever need it. All this talk we

    • Sorry. All this talk we’ve been having got me worked up. I lasted as long as I could but had to let go with what was more than my normal amount. It was great.

    • As far as a kink or fantasy I’ll get back to you. I do have some , wife’s telling me to get going have to cut this short.

    • I’m so jealous that you can get naked and be outside playing with your cock. I can’t wait to be able to play in my backyard. It’s not huge but it has high fences and really close neighbors but no one could see unless they came right up to the fence and looked over. And no worries. We have lives and can’t just sit around talking about stroking our penises all day haha. But I did want to say that today is finally the day!! I’ll have the house all to myself for a few hours this afternoon. I’m so excited to finally try eating a full load of my own cum! I usually jerk off every few days but I’ve been letting this build and it’s been about 9-10 days since I jerked off so I’m so incredibly horny!! Haha. I’m thinking I might start a separate post and go into a really detailed account of my experience today. That will be a lot of fun to write! I look forward to hearing about any fantasy’s /kinks you may have and want to chat about! And don’t be shy I’m a pretty open minded guy! Once again thanks for the conversation!!

    • Wow!! How annoying is this vertical word!! Feel free to post on the next thread down or start a new one! :)

    • This is annoying. Start a new one. I ended up and wacked off again yesterday, the weather was perfect and couldn’t resist being outside. I’m thinking of you and your free with time to do the deed. With your dick in hand and masturbation thoughts running wild make me proud brother. Can’t wait to hear back.

    • That is a normal reaction to a fantasy you may have! I would follow your reaction and leave it in fantasy land where it belongs.

    • You'll have to try someone else's cum before you blow your load.

    • That’s another fantasy of mine!! Especially a she males load!!

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