Do i confess my past?

So this past weekend my boyfriend proposed to me in Paris and i said yes.
later on that night he admitted several sexual life events he though i should know and be honest about (cheating ex, sex with his friends mum etc) and he asked me if there was anything else.

while i did admit to a few things i left out that while studying at university i did some escorting. don't get me wrong i never did any street stuff, but if i am being truly honest. over the three years i slept with over 50 different men. ranging in assorts of types and professions. including even group sex and other sexual acts i have not even done with him.

i was single at the time but i did meet my now husband to be a few months before i stopped and there was a cross over period.

now do i admit it all and get this all off my chest but knowing it will shock him and maybe change his view of me.

or keep quiet?

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  • Keep your mouth shut or you will lose him. If you have given up your past then forget it and move on. Every body has done something they are not to happy about so forget it.
    My wife has had an extensive sex life before she dated me so I told her i didn't care what she did before we met.

  • All these face to face confessions do is load your guilt on to the new partner.Whats done is done so don`t start planting seeds of doubt .

  • Do what my wife did. She spoon fed me her slutty past: hussy college years (who wasn't? She says) some poll dancing ( very part time) , then rich men/sugar daddy (plural) mistress, (one had such big penis I'd do him free - oops, did i say free) - she never got money but was showered with very expensive gifts.
    She is very open to advenure. I made up a fake young friend at work who was never laid. I aked her if she would sleep with him and teach the joys of sex, "in a heart beat"

  • Some things need to be kept to yourself, for many reasons. I was with my now ex-wife for years, knew her sexual history was limited to say the least, and mine was fairly extensive, including having sex with my hot older sister for years. I told her/now-ex, about a few gf's I'd had before her, however, to protect what I had with my hot older sister and keep that going, and, b/c my ex's brain could never wrap itself around anything like that, even once, I left that part out of any of those conversations.

    Funny thing, though, was when I started dating post-divorce (admittedly, too fast and too much), I had one with similar physical characteristics as my hot older sister, and mentioned just enough to make her ask the question. Have you ever fucked her? I told her, yes, I have, and the woman was very much into it. Saw a few photos of my sister, recognized she'd looked similar, but.."I could do my nails long and that color, too, if you want me to", and "I do look like her..A lot". We'd have sex, and she actually started calling out my sister's name, telling me to treat her like I treat Denise..She was the only one I told about fucking my hot older sister. The rest, I kept it from.

    Also never told one I dated, short-term, who as also a raging racist, that I'd fucked a few black women in my time. Figured she didn't need to know that part of my history.

  • I'm a guy but no, don't do it. I found out what my wife was up to from reading journals she kept before we were together. She has since thrown them away, but I read them, and let's say that I was shocked, appalled, and somewhat jealous about what she had been up to before we got together. It made me wonder why she was such a slut before we met but no so much with me. She said that she loved me and the sex we have is special. But the orgy she went to in college? Wtf. I'm pissed that she did things like that. I appreciate that she loves me and is faithful, but pissed that her sexual bucket list has been crossed off in ways that I only dream about. It makes me resent her a bit, to be honest.

    Don't tell him anything.

  • My wife did not tell me half the things she did or have happen to her before we got married and I still love her just as much now that she has told me. She was never an escort but she used to go to this one club and after several drinks she would go into the men's bathroom and according to her help them get their cocks out to pee. She told me dozens of men loved letting her unzip them, pull it out and hold it while they were peeing, she also told me there was quite a few she ended up blowing. Her brother came into her room one evening when her parents were out and he was watching both sisters, she is four years younger and her sister is another year younger. He told them one at a time to come with him and he would take them into his room for some fun which at first was just giving him blow jobs. It progressed to everything going on and one night he got both of them naked and had them in a 69 telling them what to do. She told me she never said anything because she was afraid she would get punished for it, crazy how you think when put in these situations.
    She told me she honestly has no idea how many men and women she has had sex with but it is all in the past and all she desires now is taking care of our family. She is also still very sexual even after all she has been thru and I have left out quite a bit of both consensual and non consensual events.

  • Absolutely NOT. Don’t be crazy. That’s something you take to the grave unless you know for a fact that it will not bother him, and he will not judge you or treat you any different. My hubby would die if he knew I slept with his dad before meeting him, and must of his friends, including our mechanic. I even had a one nighter with his boss which I never knew was his boss.

  • I wouldn't mention it. I let a couple dozen guys lick my pussy from the time I was 14-19 and a few fuck me, but when I dated my future husband and married at 20 I didn't say a word and he knows nothing about it, nor will he ever. He would be hurt by it so let the past be the past.

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