My little secret

I lost my job four months ago and my husband said let’s see how things go before looking for another job.
To be honest it’s now boring having no job, another honest thing I will admit too is, for the first time I’ve used the computer watching porn.
I know what porn is just never seen it in such detail, I now focus on watching men ejaculate, really enjoy seeing it come out the end especially if it’s a close up.

10 months ago


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    • In stead watching porn you should having dicks shooting creamy juicy cum in real life you would enjoy it alot better I would offer my dick so you can see it in real life that would be incredible also enjoyable and awesome ps jerytinydick

    • You wanna watch some kinky porn? Look up "urethra play". It's the best. Women and men use objects to insert into their urethras. So I started trying it a few years back and now I'm addicted. And you can do so many things with this aspect of sex. At first, it hurts a little bit until you stretch the urethra, but when you reach a certain point, it doesn't hurt that much anymore unless you stretch it bigger. And you have to be sterile and use a lot of lube. I started out using small objects like glass stir sticks, but moved to larger objects like strings of beads, artist paint brushes, etc., gradually increasing the bead size over time. I can get 36 beads in my penis and can fill my bladder with them. I'm a contractor and have access to customers' homes when they're not home, and my last customer had an absolutely gorgeous young daughter. She would pee in the toilet before going to school and not flush, so I used some of her pee to fill my own bladder! How fucking kinky is that? Of course, I rinse with saline to make sure it's sterile, but I came like a horse when her pee was squirting out of my cock. I also like to use KY jelly to fill my bladder. Using a long thin tube to insert into my urethra and into my bladder, I attach the other end of the tube to a special nozzle on a squeeze bottle, and then squirt it in my bladder until I feel like I have to pee. Then, when I squirt it out of my cock, it feels like I'm cumming except no cum. The thickness of the jelly rubs against my prostate and feels so fucking good!

    • Would you like some vids just for you

    • You know you want it in your mouth!

    • I agree. Cum shots are the best.

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