How should I think?

I’m a 43yo single mum have been single for two years.
The person I’m talking about I have only seen him a couple of times, I’m with my friend and her husband friend comes in, I’m behind the door on my phone, the call I just finished was for an appointment so I was setting a reminder on my phone my friend asked her husband friend if he was coming to the bbq on Sunday, he replied, is that friend I saw you with the other day coming, she replied yes and before she could say she is on the phone he replied I would like to get between her legs and give her a good sorting out.
That’s when I walked in, he was very embarrassed and I was angry.
My question is I’m not sure how to read into this, should I be flattered and man would like to be between my legs or be disgusted with what he said or just laugh it off?

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  • Be flattered.

  • Take it as a compliment . There is no other way to look at it.

  • I would be flattered. He said it without realizing you were there. Would you have rather heard he thought you were an ugly bitch?

    I would fuck him, sounds like you need some.

  • Take it as a compliment. Embarrassed is one thing but if you’re so easily offended, you may be single for more than two years.

  • You know what you already know : All men are fucking pigs !

  • Being a man I can say that is mostly true. I can say an equal percentage of females are high maintenance drama queens with mouths that never stop.

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