Not even if he was the last person on the planet

Anyone else been in a situation and had sex with someone you thought would be the last person on the planet you would have sex with.

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  • Yes when I was 22 and a single mum.I hooked up with my foreign neighbour.Wasn't attracted to him at all.I was broke and he offered to share a bottle of vodka with me.So in my defense I was a bit drunk but he was big and the sex was good and I really needed it so I made the most of it.

  • Growing up my parents were close friends with a family down the street. They had a kid my age and we spent a lot of time together because our families were friends. My dad and his dad coached sports together. I didn't really like their son who was my age that much, he was okay, but we knew each other since we were 6. I thought of him more like a brother. We'd argue, make up, hang out again. That kind of relationship.

    Well by the time we were in our teens I had grown tits and he had grown muscles and it was hard not to think about each other differently. Neither of us were in a relationship but way curious about sex and hormonally craving it. It started slow, just letting him feel me up and vice versa, but it wasn't long thereafter where we were fucking nearly daily. It felt so good. I never thought of him as a boyfriend, but he was handy at that time to scratch my itch.

  • Yeah, no she didn't. Nice try playing the part of the girl though. The truth is you wanted to fuck her and she told you hell no. Lol

  • I was thinking the same thing

  • Yes, my first piece of pussy was from a thirty-six year old hag who had been rude to me and my friends for two days. She crawled into bed with me, twice. The first time I fled, the second, I had nowhere else to go. She removed my boxers, and her pj bottoms, got me hard, hunched my leg with her sandpaper cunt, then, pulled me on top for a ride. I lasted all of thirty seconds, pulled out and came in her cunt hair stubble. It wasn't too good, really.

  • My daughters friend kept hitting on me. At first I thought it was a joke, but he kept doing it until I finally realized he was serious. I told him no for several reasons. One, he was 15 years younger than me. Two, he was my daughters friend. Yes I had my daughter when I was 16. Anyway, I kept telling him no. Thinking about it one night after he left, I remember thinking hell would freeze over before I let him in my pants. Well, hell must have froze over because less than 6 months later we had one heck of a storm. He came over to make sure I was alright eventhough he knew my daughter, his friend was out of town that weekend. The fact that he came over to my house and checked on me was enough to excite me. I kissed him right there in my living room, and then we had sex right there in the living room. I thought for sure he would be gone now that we had sex. I was wrong. He started coming over more. I finally agreed to go out with him, and now we are married. Never in a million years did I think I would even sleep with him, let alone get married to him. Funny how things work.

  • I fucked one of my daughters friend. He was hot and sexy body and built and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Everytime he came over I got excited to see him. Finally I got his number because my daughters phone broke and she was going to be with him at a party. So I told him I wanted his number. Later that week I called and asked him to come move a couch for me. I had on a low cut top with no bra. After the second time catching him look at my tits, I decided it was time to seduce him. We had sex right there on the couch.

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