My Wife has No Filter.. A Cautionary Tale

My wife and I have been married for 2 years. We met, fell in love and got married all within a little over a year.

Things were great while we were dating and all the way up until a few weeks before we were married. Then on a night out with some of her friends to celebrate the pending nuptials I met her ex bf he is a black guy. Really it’s not a big deal other than the fact she lied. We even talked about it ahead of time. She’s the one that asked me if I’d ever dated a black girl. I told her I went out with a black girl a few times and asked if she had ever dated a black guy. She said no. Come to find out they dated for two years and he was pretty much her first real bf. She’d been with a few other guys but he was her first regular fuck partner and he “taught” her to suck dick really well. Of course there was some arguing and she told me “it’s not a big deal” and “to get over it”. Me being a nice guy I let it go. Then a few months after we were married she let slip (while drinking with her bff) that I am smaller than her ex. Her bff kind of laughed and said “I’m sure! How many times kind a girl find dicks that big!!” So embarrassed I wanted to just let it go but being a guy I asked “So babe how big is your ex?” Putting down her drink she looked at her bff and said “How big is he?” Her bff laughed and held up her arm” showing for her elbow to almost her wrist. I said “fuck!! That’s huge!! But how do you know?” My wife came up behind her bff and leaned over and kind of laughed and said “oh.. Umm well we had a few threessomes.” Yep I was floored. I went a got another drink and doubles got them. I began to question them both. How did it happen? Did they do anything? Did he fuck you both? After another drink they showed me. Yes I was hurt and embarrassed but I got to fuck them both. Her bff has amazing tits and a tiny waist. Of course I almost ruined it for myself when I was ducking my wife and said foolishly “probably doesn’t feel the same as with your ex?” She just smiled and then her bff said “maybe not but L came so quick I hardly had time to feel him.”

The three of use fooled around a few more times and once when my wife was running really late the bff and I had a crazy time.

Then about a year into our marriage we were hanging out with some new friends in our new neighborhood. One of the ladies said something about black guys and I instantly got nervous. With good reason because a few minutes later another lady said laughing “once you go black..” and yep my wife said “not true.” Of course everyone looked at her then me. A while later I heard the ladies talking and laughing about black guys with my wife. My wife was beaming. After arguing about why she even married me I slept on the couch. A few weeks later she ran into her ex and they had coffee. I’m sure it was innocent but she didn’t tell me and all I could think of was my wife nude, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples just like he liked her to do while sucking his 9” cock and finally unloading in her mouth and on her face. I found out from her bff he did this often to her. She rarely ever sucks my dick and never lets me cum anywhere but on the floor or my stomach. She’s never gotten on her knees for me.

I’ve asked why she won’t do that for me or let me even try anal (which he tried a few times) and she’ll say things like “I’m different now” or “it’s different with you” and my all time favorite which I do not understand “everything I did led me to you”. What the hell does that even mean?

So maybe we shouldn’t have gotten married. Maybe we should have but maybe a little more honesty.


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  • You are right, you should never have married her. She lies like a rug and sooner or later if she hasn't done it already, she will cheat on you with her ex.
    I have seen this happen before , there is always some ex boyfriend who has a big dick and knows how to fuck your wife. Mine did and so will yours.

  • Learn to be more Dom with her, take that pussy, hold her down and fuck her hard, be rough, get on top of her and fuck her mouth, don't ask if you can cum in mouth just do it!

  • This is my wife’s fantasy, a strong tall handsome muscular black young guy. Football player type, wide receiver type. She even order a big black dildo and named it after her favorite black celebrity crush. I know I can’t allow it. She’s admitted to dancing with black guys and “making out” which may mean sucking cock.

  • What? “Making out” may mean sucking his cock? Did you ask here about it?

  • This woman does know how to keep her mouth shut. She probably told all those ladies from the neighborhood about how huge his BBC is and how they should all try it. Dude drop her. Go find another woman but this time ask her lots of questions first.

  • Just fuck her faster and harder. Perhaps buy a large toy. Maybe she prefers something more comfortable like you. Then use the larger toy to punish her. Soon she wont even think of going back because she will realize you do it better. Make her your bitch.

  • Forget about the past. Just dont let her go wandering without you. "Coffee" i mean c'mon. I met up with an ex and her bf is larger than me. But she prefers me because I can hit it better.
    Im sure she told her bf it was only coffee.
    I dont even drink coffee lol

  • What do you mean “coffee”?

  • I mean how do you know about her coffee dates?

  • Sorry. I didn’t remember putting that part in there. I panicked because she met a man a a coffee shop awhile back. I thought you knew who she was. Or me.

  • May be you should have asked those questions before you got married. Its to late now, she clearly has never told you the truth about anything, good luck.

  • Don't worry man. He might have had the massive dick, but I'm thinking that you have something else working for you, like making lots of money. Women like dick, but trust me, they like shopping a hell of a lot more.

  • She married you, buddy. You won. Not everything in a relationship is about the dick. Don't feel threatened. Cheers.

  • No he didn't , he lost and will continue to lose as long as he stays with a liar for a wife.

  • I get your butt hurt and actually can understand why. Your wife's big mouth is not helping what so ever. I lived that dream with my ex. Loudest one in the room and I never found a way to throttle that mouth down.

  • It seems she did have a filter when it came to telling you the truth.

  • Forget the past and commit yourself to teaching her how to suck dick even better !

  • That was then, this is now. If you keep obsessing about this and causing arguments with your wife over it, you will either drive her back to him or she will divorce you.

  • Let the past remain in the past. No more talk of big black cocks.

  • Your wife prefers big black. Let her have her fun

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