I took advantage of looking older

I'm a woman that has always been very precocious and sexually active. I blossomed really fast as a teen, and by the age of 14 I already looked like a woman well into her 20s. I also began to explore my sexuality at a young age, and became very hooked by it. By the age of 12 I was already sexually active. By 15, I was already taking advantage of my looks to fuck with older men. Not that many of them were interested in knowing if I really was old enough, but I lied if they ever asked.
When I was 16, a cousin that I had never met came to my country for the first time. He has just graduated college and had gotten himself an internship abroad. So he stayed at my house with me and my mom. He was 11 years older than me, and very handsome. I didn't care about being related to him, and my mom had to work most of the time so she was rarely home, so long story short: I seduced him and lied about being old enough for him to fuck me. And boy, how he fucked me. He even took my anal virginity. He was the first man to ever cum inside me unprotected, and the first to fuck my throat. It was just for that summer, but I barely even went outside. When he wasn't working, I met him at hotels, or at my house when my mother had the night or weekend shifts. I fuck a lot, and I don't think I've ever fucked that much in my life.
After a few months he completed his internship and went back to his country. I only saw him once again in the next decade, when I traveled there to be with him. He eventually got married and settled while I remained here.
Over a decade later, he found himself a job that has him travelling often to my country. After meeting again for the first time in years, I confessed I was only 16 when we first met. "Water under the bridge", he said, after confessing he genuinely didn't know. Then I told me no one had ever fucked me as well as he did. He's been cheating on his wife with me for over a year every time he comes here.

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  • Great story. Young babes that grow up fast should enjoy their sexual power and use their hot ripe bodies to get all the hot meat up their fuck holes they can.

  • When I was 20 and at a party, I met this hot chick that looked at least 18, she was completely filled out/developed. She had a great body from top to bottom. She told me she was 18, but I later found out she was only 15. Ignorance is bliss at the time because I fucked her hot body like there was no tomorrow.

  • Our daughter developed early. At 14 she looked like she was 18-22 or thereabouts with c-cup breasts. It didn't help that my wife let her wear makeup at that age, which made her look older. We found out she was fucking older boys from her text messages and there was really no pulling her back. She's 25 now, but damn, her teenage years were tough on us.

  • I would have loved to have met your daughter when she was young lady at my house in school st llanbradach uk

  • My hot older sister developed very well by age 15 or so, had firm, heaving 36C tits that busted out of her button-down shirts (worn tight, with buttons undone, on purpose to show off), perfect ass in jeans and shorts, long auburn hair, and knew how to do her makeup and long, polished nails so she'd get into local bars. She was an amazing physical specimen, and used it to get things from and fuck older men.

    She did tell me a few things she'd done and older guys she'd been with, including a local concrete guy also known for getting in trouble with the law. I found notes from her to him a few times, saying things like "John. We're going to have to be careful tonight at the Rail (local bar, the Rusty Rail). I have to be home on time and take some of my makeup off in the car". My favorite, though, was the note she wrote to him saying "Had so much fun with you and the other guys last night". That's when I knew she was fucking more than just him. She may have been fucking a group of guys on a regular basis, at age 15. But, she had the body for it and they used it and her.

  • I love it when a girl looks all grown up. Her tits are so firm and her pussy is so tight.

  • It sounds like you became a slut at an early age and enjoyed every minute of it. Can I fuck you when your cousin's cock isn't here?

  • Can I fuck her please

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