True Story of How I Met the Most Unconventional Love of My Life

When I was 32 and recently divorced for 6 months my best friend, a woman arranged for a date with her friend Betsy. I told my friend I wasn’t up for dating yet as my ex wife was having not 1 or 2 affairs but more than 10 and finally ended up pregnant. She had no idea who’s it was and we divorced quickly.

My friend finally convinced me to go out with Betsy. The day came and I went to the address my friend had given me. A nice little craftsman house. I rang the door and when it opened this gorgeous 5’5”, petite brunette With obviously enhanced tits opened the door. I mean she was without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I’d ever met in person. We went to dinner and had several drinks. I got an Uber and told her I’d pick up my car the next day. On the way to her house I started rubbing her leg and then higher and then! WTF!!??? I pulled away quickly. We arrived at her house and I walked her to the door. She said “I was hoping you wouldn’t find my special secret until we were inside.” She pulled me in and down to her and kissed me. It was the best kiss ever. She broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear “Why don’t you stay. We can have some more drinks and just talk. I’ve enjoyed your company.” A moment or two thought and I agreed. I ran to the Uber and told him I was staying. He smiled and said “She’s a 10. Don’t worry about the trip to your place. It’s on me!” I thanked him and ran back to the house. In the 2 minutes I was gone Betsy had changed into very sexy lingerie. She poured a couple of glasses of wine and took me by the hand. We sat out back and talked. She yawned a little and it was cute. But I told her maybe I should go. She said “No way baby! Hang on.” A minute later she was back. She said “I hope you’re ok with this..” and showed me a vile of coke. I told her it was fine and she took a bump and another. She came back to life quickly. Just then my phone vibrated. It was my best friend asking how everything was going. Betsy said “Do you mind if I respond?” She sat on my lap and kissed me and took a pic. She sent it to my friend and said “OMFG he is soooo fucking amazing and cute!!! You can’t have him back”. My friend texted back “Holy Fuck Bets! You look fucking hot! Maybe we can hang tomorrow? 😁😁😁” I then texted back and told my friend “Nope I think I’ll be here tomorrow!! Thanks for setting me up” my friend texted back “Mmm have a great time you two!” Betsy gave me a bump of the coke. A moment later I was rubbing her tits and she was rubbing my cock. I picked up this tiny little woman and carried her inside. I threw her on her bed and started to take my clothes off. As I was taking them off I said “Ok Betsy let’s see your special secret!” She blushed and said “Are you sure you’re ok?” I dropped my pants and underwear and showed her my very very hard cock. She actually licked her lips and started to undress slowly. She was nude except for her panties and they were not doing a good job of hiding her special secret. She asked again if I was ok. I walked over and kissed her pulling down her panties. There was a perfect 7” smooth cock! I looked down at it and jokingly said baby if it was any bigger I’d be jealous. I moved to her tits and then to her flat tummy them to her cock. I looked up at her and said “I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before” she cut me off and said I didn’t have to and then I cut her off and said “Baby if you’re ok with me sucking you I want to! But I don’t know what really to do.” She leaned down and ran a finger across my chin and said “Baby do whatever you want!” I smiled and said “anything?” Smacking her on her perfectly toned ass. She got a huge smile and said breathlessly “Omg baby yes!! Anything!” So I sucked her and fucked her sexy ass. After a while we were taking a rest and I said very hesitantly “Beaty baby ummm... do you I mean have you ever... oh forget it!” I kissed her. She pulled back and said “Baby you’re fucking amazing. Ask Me anything!” I mustered you some courage and said “Betsy I seen some porn with women that have a special secret and most only get fucked. But do you? I mean have you ever fucked a guy?!” I almost slapped my mouth. Betsy grabbed me and said “Marry me! Please!” Laughing a little. I said “seriously?” She leaned over and grabbed the lube. If you’ve never been fucked in the ass you’re gonna need this baby! But I’ll be super gentle!” I kissed her, sucked her nipples and then kissed the head of her cock. A few minutes later I was on my back. And holy fucking hell!!!! It hurt but it hurt so good. It took her about 5 minutes to get her entire cock in my ass. Then a few minutes later she was starting to pump me!!! She was stroking me and spitting on my cock to lube it up! I told her this was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had!! At that she pumped harder. I grabbed my phone and said “Baby take a pic and send it to (my best friend)”. Betsy took many and still pumping sent the text. The caption read “He’s amazing. I want to marry him. LOL!” She set my phone down and picked up her pace. She said “where?” I told her anywhere she wanted. She said “No baby come on where!?” I told her “Fill my ass up baby! Cum in me!!” With that she slammed all her length into me and came. I could feel it. I’ve read other confessions where women say they could feel their guys cock pulsating and the warm cum but I didn’t believe it. But now I do. Betsy fell on top of me. I kissed her head and she my chest. We laid there for a few minutes and then she heard my phone. She grabbed and asked what my passcode was. I told her. She smiled. It’s from (my best friend). I asked excitedly “what’s is say?!!” She laughed and said “OMg how long ago did I send that? She’s texted like 20 times. She called you a slut. She called me lucky (Betsy smiled). She wants to come over. No she’s coming over. She wants to know if we want anything. 20 Minutes later still nude and covered in cum and sweat the door opened. In walked my best friend. She was smiling so big. Then she saw our cocks and said “Oh wow! Who’s bigger?” Betsy came to my rescue and said “Oh my baby’s got the bigger cock!” Kissing it. I said “But my Betsy sure fucking knows how to use hers!” My friend said “Nope I need to know for myself!” Kneeling Betsy took my hand and pulled me to the side of the bed. She said seriously “Baby do you mind? I mean you won’t think less of me if (my bff) blows us? If you do baby I won’t!” I grabbed her and picked her up. Spun her around and sat her back down. I looked at them both and said “So ladies, don to undo this often?” Betsy immediately said “no baby! Never!” My bff said “he means fool around with each other not have another guy!” Betsy breathed and said “Oh! Well we have been known to play a bit!” My bff laughed and said “Betsy fucks my ass better than any man!”

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  • You are the luckest sob . I wish I could find me alady with a special secret

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