He can never find out

My bff and I have been friends forever. She knows everything about me and I know everything about her. She knows my husband is a good man but terrible in bed. She also knows that he penis is smallish. No quite 5”. On the other hand I know her husband fucks like a porn star and is hung like a stallion.

A couple of months ago, well let’s just say my bff and I went out and got really drunk. We Uber’d back to her house and I was way too drunk to drive. So I called my husband and told him I’d be staying there. He was happy I wasn’t going to drive and offered to pick me up. It was already late and I told him it was ok and I’d be home the next morning after my hang over wore off. We said love you to each other and I hung up. A few minutes later my bff came out of her bedroom nude! I couldn’t believe it and laughed. Just then her husband came out of the bedroom and he was nude too. And OMFG he is HUGE. Biggest I’ve ever seen. He grabbed his wife from behind and said “come on babe! I’m gonna fuck you either here in front of (me) or in the bedroom.” My bff looked at me and said “wanna watch?” For no reason I know I said “YES!!!” Way too excited. So he picked her up and took her to the couch. He immediately shoved his cock in her and she let out a huge moan. He fucked her for a few minutes. She was moaning and moaning. I couldn’t take it. I started touching myself. A few minutes later he told his wife to help me and she did. The next thing I knew his cock was in me. It was the most amazing feeling. Maybe it was all the drinks but I came and came. He switched off fucking me then his wife and what felt like an hour later he announced he was going to cum!!! His wife told him to finish in me. I honestly didn’t have time to react. He pulled out of his wife pushed my face down into the couch and shoved every inch of his beautiful cock into me. My married pussy that belonged to my husband. He pumped two times and came. It felt weird but OMG so amazing.

The next morning I was cuddled up to my bff and her husband on the other side of his wife. I woke up and looked down. I had a lot of cum down there and started to freak out a bit. My bff woke up and said to calm down and jump in the shower. In the shower 5 minutes and finally calming down my bff and her husband came in. Her said “no you’re gonna see what you probably don’t remember last night. He was fucking her and I started to touch her. And yes her husband fucked be again but this time he only fucked me after he started with me. He was ready to cum and I asked if it was ok if he came in me again. He did. It felt so amazing and my bff jokingly called me a “big cock slut”. At that point I knew she was right. I dried off and put on my clothes from the night before. Cum leaking out of me I was greeted by my husband when I got home.

My bff and I have fucked her husband a few more times.

I’m a big cock slut. And honestly I don’t feel bad about getting fucked by my bff’s husband. I know I’m terrible.


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  • Yes it's wise not to tell.If you can get over the guilt you can live with it.I managed to and it's been years.It happened after 2 years married.I was 25 at the time and was visiting a friend.We went out one night and picked up 3 guys.They took us back to one of theirs.And a fair bit of alcohol and weed later and we were having sex with them.They even passed us around several times.I'd never had threesome before and still can't believe I had one cock in my mouth while the other fucked me.In the morning I woke pretty sore down there so we hastily got dressed and got a taxi back to my friends. Later on that day I decided to get the morning after pill to be on the safe side. Weeks later had an std test and was clear.

  • Anybody remember Penthouse magazine's " Penthouse Forum " ? I thought it was contrived and unrealistic, but, it was excellent erotic fiction compared to all this attention deficit, barely legible, adolescent inspired balderdash.

  • Why the fuck are you reading it then?

  • God damn that sounds incredibly hot xx

  • Too bad it's bullshit.
    Written by the "so I did" kid.

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