It’s my past

My husband expects I have a promiscuous past but he has no idea.

The 15 months between my break up with my long term bf and meeting him I was a slut. I slept with 82 people and did anything and everything. I had sex with both men and women including several 3sums. I had met a black man who was 8 years older than me who became my trainer. He trained me to take big d****. How to f*** and suck them. I slept with my friend and her husband. I’d go home with anyone. I was used like a good s***. I was on the pill so if I thought the guy was safe he was free to cum in me. I did catch a few STDs. A few guys took me up on anything and lost my anal virginity. I was fucked by guys from 19 to 52. Married men and guys with gfs. I was f***** so hard by a guy with a really big and thick c*** I was so sore for a few days I couldn’t even touch myself. I loved it. I was a complete s***.

Then I met my now husband. He was nice a good lover and took care of me. I put my past behind me and we got married. Problem is he’s learned a few of the things I did. He only knows about 1% but he knows I let guys cum in me and I had anal sex. Neither of which I let him do. Ever! If he knew I had sex with my bff (who he knows) and her husband he’d lose his mind. Her husband is known for having a large member. Like huge. OMG if he knew my bff and I had sex so many times he’d cry. She is very sexy and I know he thinks she’s hot. I’ve seen him looking at her 32D t***.

Does this make me a bad person and wife?

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  • I got pregnant at 14, never married the father, but by the time I was 30 I already had 4 kids, and at 32 I was a grandmother. And then it hit, I needed more, and my husband at the time couldn’t care less, so I stepped out. I had sex with almost everyone I knew, you name I did him, neighbors, friends, husbands friends, my daughters friends (legal age) my sisters friends, and her ex’s, my parents friends, the mechanic, gardener, kids teachers, soccer coach, little league coaches, boys scout trooper leader, mail man, ups guy, fedex guy, guys from my shipping dept, guys from my HR dept, husbands boss, I was the life of the party at his Christmas parties. I was getting fucked so much that I had my tubes tied, cause I don’t like to swallow, but I’ve learned to do it now cause it makes my bf happy. My husband and I divorced finally after he learned I slept with his brother too. I’ve had plenty of threesomes, orgies, I’ve had every race, men and women, I used to go to the Casino just to hookup. I once had a bbq and all the men that was in attendance, I had already slept with. I too had a few std’s, all cured now, and I’m now 43 years old, I have a steady partner, he knows my past because I’ve been with all his friends, and he’s okay with that, every now and again we have a threesome, either with his friend Chad or my girlfriend Stephanie. I’ve gotten it out of my system. So it doesn’t make you a bad person.

  • A persons history is their own business. If they want it held private even to a spouse they have no right to know. I don't think your a bad person. My wife knows my history was colorful, I told her if she wanted to know I'd tell her, her response was it doesn't matter. However there are somethings I would never reveal if I told her the gest of my past.

  • Can you be my wife, you can still fuck who ever you like :-)

  • You haven't put that past behind you. You're still thinking about or feeling guilt over those escapades, and he is finding things out, even if it's " 1 % " at a time. He will eventually find out more, and then what ? Also, why come on a site that exalts in words like cock, slut, fuck, tits and dick, and censor them ? Did you think we'd feel better about you ? That's funny ! You're still a slut, but, I don't think you're, necessarily, a bad person.

  • I'm a guy and have had a lot of sex with last I figured about 60 plus women. I was single at the time. I raised my kids as a single dad, I was blowing off steam after they became older. I still love the variety of different women. Even though I'm attached now. Anytime I get the chance I take a lover. I take risks by taking them to the large boat I own. Or to the house when she is out of town. The boat is a draw for taking a lover to. I should behave

  • I was the same way after eleven years of marriage ended, I got married really young at seventeen and had no clue. I matured and grew more sexual and my husband could not handle it, he was always putting me down and calling me a whore for wanting more than just missionary and an orgasm when he wanted to give me one.
    I did not have eighty some lovers as you did but I would put the number at around twenty five for about three years and I did some pretty crazy things also. I had a married coworker tell me at one of our after work parties that if he was not married he would be hitting on me all the time, I responded back with why let that stop you?
    We were at my place about an hour later naked and having sex like two teenagers.

  • Married women should openly confess their desires with anyone who are good in sex

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