I've slept with all my friends girlfriend's and wives

This is a true confession. I'm obsessed with my friends girlfriend's and wives and I have slept with all my friends girlfriend's and wives. Hundreds total through the years. I'm now 50 and a few weeks ago my wife invited friends over for a party. As the guests came and mingled I realized that I've been not only a bad husband but a bad friend. I just can't help it I have always got turned on sleeping with girlfriends and wives of my friends. I even slept with my cousins wife. Through the years A few have found out. A couple buddies asked me but most just suspect that something happened but never confront me about it. I've been doing this since I was a teen and have bedded hundreds of girlfriend's of guys i meet. My wife knows about a few but thinks I stopped doing this. She caught me once with my friends girlfriend and I convinced her it was the alcohol and last time. Now the same guy she caught me with his girlfriend has married a different women. I haven't seen him in years because he found out I slept with his girlfriend. He shows up with his wife. I've never slept with her. I flirted with her at the party she responded positively. I've suggested they come spend the weekend. Hopefully they take me up on the offer so I can get her alone and seduce her.


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  • Hundreds seem far fetched.I slept with a friends wife some 10 years ago.Its one of those things that happen that I'm still in awe that it happened because she didn't seem like the kind of girl to do that. He was out of the country and she was home alone.She suffered from anxiety and depression so I went to check up on her and keep her company.We got on well so end up staying for dinner and having drinks with her.To be clear she wasn't drunk but out of the blue just chatting on the sofa she says "so I hear you've got a big dick?"I laughed and questioned where she heard that.She just said "various sources." I was already in a horny mood so I got my half hard cock out and showed her.I stroked it to full erection and her eyes widened and I swear she licked her lips like a beggar looking at a 3 course meal.The next words out of her mouth I couldn't believe,"can I suck it?"I should've said no but I was young and had always been attracted to her.So I said "I think you'd better."She leaned over and gave me a damn good blow job.I mean she was really good and enjoyed giving it too.So I couldn't help but slide my hand down her bum all the way to her pussy.Thought she'd be against it but my fingers parted her wet lips and were invited in.When I started rubbing she got on her knees for a better angle.Then I pulled her shorts and pants off and moved under.Her pussy was sexy and clean shaven and tasted so good.All I could hear from her were little moans and I got her off after 15 minutes of munching..

  • Before I knew it she stood up took her top off and jumped on my cock. Her body was so fucking hot.She rode me with such stamina and kissed me on the lips.She had to bury her face in my neck to stifle her moans as would be weird for the neighbours to hear.After 20 minutes I flipped her over and smashed her hard into the sofa.All the time she bit and covered her face with a cushion.She came hard again and few minutes later I finished inside of her.We lay kissing with me still inside her.She was soon surprised when I got hard again and gave her another sloppy fuck.We fucked a few times in the week but after her husband got back she went all quiet.I doubt she ever told him and I always wonder why she wanted it.

  • You are the kind of person the rest of us don't want to know.

  • So it seems as though it's your life's goal to die by a jealous husband's bullet or knife, or crowbar. Or, maybe they'll just castrate you, and crush your sole reason for existing.

  • Thanks for making me feel tame.
    I only slept with 10 or so wives or girlfriends.
    I kown I'm good looking but they're just as bad.
    I rally scote on chubby and homely looking ones.

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