Her Pot Belly Aunt

I've gotten a fetish for my girlfriend's aunt. I never thought I'll be cheating on my girlfriend because she has a hot body that enjoys getting humped in her shaven slit and receiving my load in her which gives her a satisfying orgasm. My girlfriend invited her aunt to spend time with us at the beach that I had a room reserved for me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I slept on one bed and her aunt slept on the other bed in the room. When my girlfriend thought her aunt was sound asleep my girlfriend started to fondle my dick and whispered to to me, "Let's screw I'm horny! " I pulled down the covers and rolled on top of my girlfriend as she grabbed my hard dick that she gave me and started to rub her clit with it in her shaven cunt. We didn't know her aunt was spying on us.
The following day I thought her aunt was out on the beach. I heard the shower going in our room and figured my girlfriend was trying to entice me in fooling around in the shower with her. I removed my clothes and stepped in the bathroom and was surprised to find it was my girlfriend's aunt. I quickly stepped out of the bathroom and said,"Sorry! " I was putting my clothes back on when my girlfriend's aunt stepped out of the bathroom with just a towel on wrapped around her big pot belly. She came over to me and placed a hand on my crotch and said, "You're nicely hung, I'm jealous of my niece, I watched her take that last night. " She dropped the towel exposing her missed-matched tits above her huge pot belly and the fuzz under it and started removing my pants. She wasn't a fat woman but an older woman with a firm pot belly. She began to give me a blow job and kept stroking it. She ran her tongue up and down my cock. I was enjoying what she was doing.
She got on the bed and rubbed her belly her with my dick and her fuzzy snatch while I played with her odd size tits. " You got one big dick! " smiling at me. I stopped playing with her tits and began rubbing and squeezing that big pot belly. That's when I realized I 'm enjoying her and began to kiss and lick her belly. "Oh baby! go down and pleasure me there! " I kept licking her big pot until my tongue and mouth got into her snatch, a very tasty snatch. She held it open for me and then tell me to shove my rod deep in her. I kept pounding her and wanted to shoot my load not in her but all over belly and odd looking tits.
I pulled out and blasted her. She rubbed my dick across the cum and tells me to put my shaft in her mouth. I realized I had a fetish for my girlfriend's horny slut aunt. I do my girlfriend's aunt more than my girlfriend because the aunt really knows how to please me and the dick that I have.

1 month ago

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