Step-daughter touch

I had an amazing experience that I'm a mix of thrilled and ashamed. A couple of years ago, my girlfriend's teen daughter saw a picture of my dick on my girlfriend's phone. It was kind of weird at the time when she told me, and it was never talked about again.
We got married last year. And my wife who is very honest and moral, but super free about sex, came to me with something shocking. She said that her daughter had never seen or touched a dick. She wanted her to be able to explore a dick in a safe setting and devised a plan.

Her plan was for us to all get drunk. She would let her daughter know that if I was drunk enough to sleep through it, she could touch my dick. And if I felt it, I would never let on that i felt it. That way I could pretend that it never happened, or not even know it happened if I slept through it. Her daughter could pretend it never happened, or not even try it. And as long as we all didn't ever let on that any of us were aware if it happened or not, there would be no shame or weird feelings.
I really thought I would be drunk enough to not know if it even happened. I slept on the sofa really drunk, wife in the bedroom. In the middle of the night, I felt her daughter lift the blanket. She had waited long enough for me to not be as drunk unfortunately. She used her phone light and just looked at my dick for a while. Then she lifted it. She bounced it up and down a little to feel the weight of it. That made it go semi hard and she made surprise sounds. She kept handling it to feel it and made it go all the way hard. She handled my balls too. I was afraid she would squeeze them too hard, but she didn't. Then she smelled me. I wasn't expecting that and was glad that I was perfectly clean. She touched it to her lips, but didn't go beyond that. And it was just for a moment to see the texture I suppose. She gave it a few more tugs and squeezes, then turned off the light of her phone and left.
I laid perfectly still the whole time. It was kind of hard not to raise my hips up to push into her, just out of habit. But I controlled it and held perfectly still.
The next morning I pretended like I was unaware. Wife didn't even ask about it. And of course step-daughter didn't say anything. It appears that she got her curiosity about what dicks are like satisfied in a safe way. She thinks I was asleep and that I don't even know it happened. I'll never let on that I know it happened. And we'll just go about our lives. The daughter thinks that she is the only one who knows, and it will just be her secret.
It's a mix of feeling like I did something wrong, exciting, and also feeling like perhaps something harmless happened.

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