28yro female. I was at my family reunion a few years ago when I got to drinking/chatting with my cousin and his girlfriend. I guess she must have had a bit too much to drink, because after my cousin left to use the restroom, she let slip that he apparently had a huge dick.
A few hours and later, and I was hooking up with the both of them at their apartment, her sitting on my face while he pounded my pussy with the biggest dick I've ever had. I could barely get up after I was so sore!
It's been two years since and I still go over to his place sometimes when his girlfriend's not there to suck his dick and feel him pounding me hard and rough again.

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  • My wife's dumb girlfriend bragged how huge her husband's dick is.
    Guess who I caught sucking on it at 2AM on our patio. And the dumb ass didn't delete text messages from him asking for midnight bj's. "Can't wait, big boy" They live 2 blocks away and he'd walk.

  • Does he have huge hairy balls too ?

  • Yes

  • How big was his cock ?

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