Loving wife

Spring and Summer are the busiest times for me at work. We finished early this year and the wife and I were able to go on vacation last week. I have to admit that my biggest fantasy is to watch my wife fuck another man. For years I have asked her to fill that fantasy and for years she has declined.

We went to the Yellowstone area and rented a nice rustic cabin for the week. It was kind of remote but still had a couple neighbors. There was a hot tub on the back deck and the first night there I convinced my wife to wear a little bikini that just barely covered anything. Although she kind of gave a pissed off look when she put it on. The next day we were coming back to the cabin and had literally just pulled in when another couple pulled up and asked where cabin 5A was. We were in 4A so I directed him to the cabin one over. He pulled down the road and into the driveway. It wasn't too far so he yelled back at me and thanked me. A few minutes later he and I was talking and the wives were talking. We said our goodbyes and went back to our cabin. Later that night I was fucking my wife and she was extremely horny for some reason. She asked me to talk dirty to her to which I did. Then she told me to talk fuckery to her. That is my code word for watching her fuck another man. I was shocked and asked why she was so horny. She admitted that the neighbor guy was hot as fuck and that if I ever had a chance to get her to fuck another man, now was the time to do it. Her saying that was so hot that I blew my load right then.

The next day after we got back I waited for them to return. I started a conversation with him again while his wife went inside. I told him about my fantasy and asked if him and his wife had ever thought about swinging. He admitted that he had wanted to but his wife wouldn't become she didn't want people to know about her doing anything like that. He said this was perfect though because no one would know. He went back to his cabinet and returned later to say his wife was on board. They would be over in awhile.

Later on they showed up with Vodka and orange juice. We started drinking and before long we all felt pretty good. We convinced our wives to strip. As they did they each took turns stripping us guys. My wife was the last to strip the other guy of his underwear and his wife, mine. When they pulled down our underwear they started giving us blowjobs. I watched my wife take another mans dick in her mouth and suck him like I have never seen. A little bit later the ladies got up and his wife slid down on me. I watched as my wife slide down on him. She road him like that for quite some time as I did everything I could to keep from cumming in his wife. I finally had to take control, so I got up and bent his wife over so I could fuck her from behind. When we changed positions so did they. My wife laid down on her back spreading her legs. He got between her legs and lifted them up over his shoulders. That is the position that I love most but my wife refuses to let me do it. She says it's too uncomfortable having her legs up that high. I waited for to say something but she never did. She let him put her legs high in the air and fuck her hard and fast. Amazingly she even orgasmed in that position. I was so hard and horny that I was fucking his wife like there was no tomorrow. I drove my dick as far in her as I could get it to the point where I was bottoming out. She was so excited that she started screaming from the intense orgasm the sight of him fucking my wife and his wife having a massive orgasm was too much for me to handle. I unloaded inside her and filled her with my cum. That in turn must have excited him and he dropped a load inside my wife. After we were done they got dressed and we said our goodbyes. They left and I asked my wife how she liked it. She just smiled and said it was ok. I laughed and reminded her that WAS in the room. She smiled again and admitted that it was amazing. We went to the bedroom and continued talking about it until I got hard again. I fingered her wet pussy with his cum still inside her. Then we fucked and she let me put her legs in the air like she let him do. I added another load of cum to her already sloppy pussy.

The next day we got up to find they had left and checked out. We hadn't planned on a repeat but it may have been nice. I asked my wife if that was something she was interested in doing now and promptly told me it was not. She admitted that it was fun, but once was enough.

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  • Wife and I have long leashes on vacation, it's mostly just flirting with others.
    I chickened out twice when given the chance with ladies I just met. She worked a guy she had a crush on for 3 nights -- he was married and his wife went to bed early every night and he was worried about me. 4th night she took to the beach and gave him a moonlight BJ. I must admit I'm more jealous than I thought i'd be and a little pissed off how easy she was.

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