Wife Stacy and neighbor

I knew my wife had the hots for our neighbors college son. Over the summer he did odd jobs for us to make extra cash. Jon is a tall good looking white kid while my wife is 45 year old fit Hispanic female. We would role play about him in bed often. One day she told me while he was in our house he made a comment about her nice boobs and how he really enjoyed big boobs. My wife said it was a perfect opportunity for her to make her move.
I have her the green light and I said at least see if he’s a good kisser.
A few days later my wife hinted to him on a job he was doing if he did a good job maybe he would get to see her boobs.
After saying that she had no choice cause he had already built up so much tension she could see a bulge in her pants.
She decided to give him a small glimpse and as she did he came closer and started touching them like she said I never or anyone had ever. He was really fascinated which turned her on and next thing they are kissing and she grabbing for his cock. She tells me she can’t believe what she ms touching and holding.
She gets down to start blowing him when she just has to ask how big it was. He said he thought it was 8” and 6 girth but it took his current girlfriend a while to get used to. She said she was so turned on and excited she sucked him and admired his cock for a long time unlike me blowing my wad in less than 5 min
So she decided she wanted him inside of her on the living room floor her got on top of her and once he was in started pumping hard deep and fast which quickly gave her the urge to cum. She loved how fast and hard he rammed her. Something in the 25 years i had never been able to ever accomplish. After fucking her and kissing her and numerous positions he finally came inside of her. She said she wanted to take a pic of his cock so she could play with herself to it later. When I came and showered and got ready for bed she told me she had something to show me. I was able to see her hand holding his cock and one of her smiling next to his humongous cock. After that I set up a camera and videotaped them over 6 times. My wife has become a more relaxed wife and our sex has gotten extremely exiting

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  • Lucky man. I love the cuck lifestyle. Any cucks want correspond, e mail me at: sheppard416@pacbell.net

  • You are such a lucky cuck! I would love to watch my wife suck and fuck. I want to lick her clit while she is being fucked

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