Mother in laws love

My mother in law is from NY and she has a very strong do it yourself mentality. I'm with her daughter who Is 5 years older than I am. My mother I law is 40 years older than I am. That would make her 70. Their family has really good genes and she looks good for her age. Nice big tits and her ass isn't amazing but it's good for her age. I've been with her daughter 6 years and about 4 years ago I noticed that she would walk around in these spandex shorts and an oversized Tshitt with no bra. Web I started noticing the way she dressed I started to noticed her hard nipples popping through her shirt. Slowly over time I started thinking about her more and more. I suffer from dry skin. Excema and she noticed me lotioning up one day after a shower and I was struggling to put some on my back. I was changing with the door opened so she saw me in boxer briefs and struggling. Hr room is upstairs next to ours and she let herself in and asked if I needed help. I was kind of surprised she offered help but I agrees quickly. I could feel her soft warm hands on my neck first. Then my shoulders and back. We was pressing really firmly and she would go over the spots she had already gotten. It felt more of a massage and it was nice. I was still only wearing boxer briefs and I was trying to control my breathing so I wouldn't get hard. She did my chest and stomach and I could see her looking at all of my body. I'm pretty fit so she has a good view and feel. She got on her knees and said she was going to do my legs. At this point I couldn't control getting hard but my boxer briefs held my cocl to the side and it got hard but pressed against my leg. We made a comment saying that it looked funny. I asked her what did. She said that what we were doing would be funny if someone walked in because she was on her knees in front of me. I just laughed and said it would be ok. As she finished up I asked her to do my upper thighs abain and I pulled my briefs up so she could get more leg. She ended up bringing my cock with her hand several time and I could hear here breathing heavily as she would exhale though her mouth like a body building doing a rep. I was so turned on and went into the next room to masturbate. It was a huge explosion of cum. This proceeded for months and months. It's been a couple of years now and I've spied things up. Sometimes I'll wear only a towel when I get out of the shower. I leave water on me because she likes how the lotions feels when my skin is wet ;) when she lotions my arm ill cup her breast and I've squeezed her nipples in between my fingers before. She doesn't pull away or anything and I can hear here breather harder as I do these things. The other day I walked out of the room and she was changing with the door open. Only her spandex shorts were on as she was takin g her shirt off. I stood there and watched her grab another shirt and I shut the door at that moment. She looked over at me and just said “oh high” and put her shirt on. I couldn't believed I had just seen her amazing breasts and big nipples. 2 days later I got ballsie. My girl left shopping and I was alone with her. I had strocked my cock thinking about her and then I went to shower. I put on these sleeping shorts that are silky and tight. They have a big opening in the front so you can go pee and it was help by one button they I left unbuttoned. I figured she let me see something so I could do the same. She oroceded to moisturize my skin like normal. She would smile and say sure when I would ask. J was already getting hard as we started and I could feel the breeze on my cockhead from it sticking out of the sleeping shorts. It was still a little wet from the shower because she likes it when I'm still wet. As she got down to get my legs I good her that I had turned red like a tomato the other day when I saw her changing. We laughed and looked down smiling and pm said that it was bound to happen while living together and I agreed and said that it was ok with me. She just giggled and looked up and took a quick glance at my cock. I was kind of looking away so she wouldn't be shy at looking the first few times. I could hear her start to breathe heavily and she did absolutely nothing to tell me my cock was hard and sticking out or tried to cover it up. She finished and asked if I needed anything else. I just told her if she could gcie my whole body a once over and she agreed. Massagung my back and shoulder. We gets up close from behind so she can do my his and I thrown my head back and almost I am when she does this. I lay my head on her shoulder and caress her and she just goes until she gets tored. As we finished I let her go out first because she was heading to the bathroom and as I let her go first she caught another glance at my cock. I left the door cracked and stood off the the side moisturizing my ass and my hard cock. I looked away and she walked my with one hand stroking my cock giving her a side view of the length. I heard her slowly open her door and it was seconds before she half ass pushed it closed. She must have got a good look. He door was half open and I was standing right at our door stroking my cock hard and fast. You could hear sort of a wet stroking from the lube I was using. I noticed she paused her tv and my breathing and storing were very loud. I kept going and she kept her tv paused for a while. She would sort of cough and make noises and I would keep going. She would turn the tv on for a minute then keep it off for a while. I'm pretty sure she news listening to me stroke my cock. I got louder asninwent to finished and the while time she keot her tv on pause. I'm sure she heard me cum. Fast forward a week later. I was in the living room at 12pm. Alone playing video games and I decided to start stroking my cock. I heard her start to come down. We has a specific walk that creeks differetndown the stairs. I kept going with my pants down and my headphones on as if nothing was wrong. Out of the corner of my eye I sew hers and there and watch me. I threw my head back as I stroked faster and I think I startled her because she went to the fridge pretending she didn't see anything. I came up behind her and put one arm underneath her breasts cupping them and the other I spread her right ass cheek and I said why are you still up. She said “oh it's me” and I said oh my bad but I kept holding her and she giggled. I said she looked good so I thought it was her daughter and it was dark. She giggled again and said it was fine but that she couldn't believe I found her good looking. I said of course I do and she started to get red. Then I was really bold and told her that sh sometimes get my ok hard when she moisturizes me. We said she noticed and then I told her why she is questioning if I find her good looking. She asked what I liked about her and I told her how her hands feel on me and her body. I asked her what she thought of my cock and said it was one of the nicest shed seen. Thick. Good length and hard. I asked her howshe knew it was hard and she said she could tell though my briefs when she moisturizes me. I asked her if she wanted to confirm that and she said ok right away. I let her pull my briefs down to let me semi hard cock put and she said “ooo” as she grabbed my cock for the first time. She stroked it until I was fully hard. At this point on sitting at the kitchen table with my legs spread open and her striking it cock with one of her tits in my mouth. I pulled her spandex shorts down and went for that oussy. She was ssaoking and said sorry if she was too wet. I told her it was good and we went down to the living room. The stairs creek a lot so you can hear anyone come down. We were both ready for it and I sat down with her on her knees and she started to suck me off slowly. She said she had to stretch her mouth a little to get all of my cock down her mouth. It was amazing watching my mother in law go down on and eventually she was ready. I laid her on the couch on her back. Her legs nice and open. Hrpussy looked so good nice and trimmed. I went down and started ducking on her pussy lips and clit. She actually tasted really good and I think I made her cum why my mouth cuz she got wettttttt. I pulled back and before I put my cock in she asked if I had a condom. I told her no and that I could pull out. She said only if was sure I could pull out than it was ok. I asked her if she had a good view of what was going to happens. She propped overhead up a little d said yes. She grabbed my cock as guided it into her wet pussy. The feeling of her pussy gripping my cock was amazing. She was tight from not being fucked in so long but she was lovin how my cock was filling her up and it was so good every thrust I could feel my cock head pushing through her pussy. After a few minutes she cleaned my cock off by sucking it and bent over for me. I asked her if I could record with my phone and she said not her face but the rest was ok. I got good vids of hitting it from the back. I put my phone down on the table so I could prop it up and record her riding me. She squatted on my covk and then sat down and started grinding on me. I held her close. Moving her body up and down and back and forth. I could feel her body shaking and her moans and breathing in my ear. I started sucking on her tits while we did this. I don't know how many times she cummed but she was just gushing all over my cock. I could feel it run down my shaft and down my balls. I asked her how she wanted my to finished her and she said how I fuked her at the beginning. I opened her legs wide and pushed them back to get a good angle and preceded to pump her pussy with cock. She said she wanted my cum in her mouth and I said yes mom. She moaned louder as I said that and then I started talking dirty about how I was fucking my mother in law. We loved that and I could feel her cum on my cock. I keot going pumping away and she was shaiig and quivering. Telling me quietly to keep goin


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