As I've grown older i have a stronger and stronger desire to suck a cock to see how it feels. To have that smooth skin slide in and out of my mouth. To feel the cock swell just before cumming. That is a very exciting thought.

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  • I know iv thought about it,and wanked over the thought of doing it but so far its all in my head.

  • Iv done it once.and thankfully iv never seen the lad since or felt the need to do it again as i am married and felt so guilty afterwards .He was just a youth in his late teens in the toilets of a deserted train station taking a very long time to go and his cock was just hanging there semi hard, i just kept glancing at it trying to ignore it but in the end as if in a dream.I was sat on the toilet seat sucking away at his cock and getting a hard on ,his cock filled my mouth and he was pushing as much as i could take into my mouth and i was pulling at his butt every time he pulled out to lick down the full length of his cock and take it back into my mouth ,deeper thrusts and my head held down with warm spurts in my mouth and his swift departure left me very excited and i gave myself the wank of the century ,But then the guilt set in and i realized its not for me

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