I said no and almost wish I hadn't.

There was this woman, barely 26 that I met back in college, we hooked up and it was crazy sex, sometimes 3 times a day, she was always ready.
I was this close to asking her to marry me, we even had talked about where it might be good to raise a family, etc.
Then, I found out about her student loans, how she managed to run up over $200K in debt beats me, but I knew by then that if I married her, that would become also my debt.
So, I broke it off, there were tears and yelling, all sorts of BS, we were at the point of living together for several months, so breaking up was hard.
She married a friend of mine, they moved to California, just a few months ago they moved back to here in Washington.
I ran into her downtown, we went and had Coffee, caught up. For having 3 kids, she still looks about the same.
Then she talked about how much fun we had, and asked me if I was up for doing it again, quietly, no need for our own spouses to ever find out.
I thought about it, tempting, but I said no, since my own wife is great, just no match for this woman as a sex partner.
I will probably regret it the rest of my life.
But it also means I dodged a bullet, if she would do that to her current husband, she would have done it to me, too.
But, I admit I sure would like to be with her again for awhile.

15 days ago

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    • It could mean that you are the best she has ever had and wants it again. and again. and again....

    • Liar

    • Nah nigga fuck her daughter

    • What you saying Willis?

    • What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?

    • Shut yo’ mouth, Lakreisha!

    • Bye, Felicia!!

    • Sometimes doing the right thing sucks .
      I’m sure the sex would have good but not great, and not worth the headache.

    • So so sooooooooo true!!!

    • Call her back and do it

    • I agree. Go back and start getting the good pussy again. You'd be stupid not to start up with her again. Don't let your stupid wife get in the way of your happiness!!!


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