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I really want to fuck my Sis-in Law and I THINK she wants that too. I say that because she lives alone for a long time and has needed help around her Home. I've offered to help many times but she makes excuses like "If it's not done right I I would feel odd complaining because your family" I think she just doesn't trust herself around me being alone. it's so awkward. She is really tiny but very fit as she works out a lot. When she visits I can't stop looking at her tits even though they aren't big like my Wife's.

I'm wondering what I could do or say to get an idea if she feels the same way and would want me to make the first move. I'm just scared to try and afraid she would tell my wife. A few times when I got my Wife drunk enough I would get her to talk dirty and mention her Sister's name and say She would like to lick your Pussy. My Wife would ask "do you want to fuck her and have her suck your Cock" Of course my wife would never REALLY go for it. She just goes along with the talk for me.

Any Ideas? Anyone in the same situation?


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  • My wife's cousin sat next to me at a dinner. She always liked me and her husband is 15 years old. She's molesting me under the tablecloth. Well anyway she's mine for the asking. Women have sleazy affairs with guys the know well, they trust being naked with, and they are attracted to -- guess I check all her boxes. Work on trust being naked with box. That's the hardest one. i might add that all the girls on her side, including wife, are a little slutty. If she's doesn't have that natural quality forget about it.

  • Stay away unless she grabs you by the balls.

  • Are you really that blind and ignorant of women? Dude, she doesn't want you working on her shit because she either doesn't like your work or you creep her out. IF she wanted to fuck, you would know it. Innocent flirting, light touching to your hand, arm, shoulder, or back, and regularly giggling at anything you say. Maybe even some flicking of her hair when she's around. Women are not that hard to read when they want to fuck. Your SIL, does NOT want to fuck you, trust me.

    And besides that, if she really wanted to fuck you, it would be quite the opposite. She would have you over all the time fixing shit, even if she didn't like your work. So go take a cold shower or have sex with your wife.

  • Ummm... my brother in law offers to do stuff, and I always say "No it's ok, work and family don't mix"
    What I really want to say is, " like hell, I've seen what your DIY skills are like in your own house... plus you make me feel uncomfortable" trust me, I don't wanna embarrass you, but there is nothing in this. And maybe don't do this to your wife?

  • She has given you every indication that she isn’t into you. Don’t try at all man.

  • If she wanted it she would've let you know by now.

  • Keep away, i'm guessing that most of this is in your head.

  • If she tells you she does not want your help then she is not into you at all and thinks you are a creep.

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