Amazing Sloppy Seconds

A while ago, I met a new 18-years old co-worker (let me called him Frank here). He got very close to me because we lived close and he always gave me a drive. For Thanksgiving this year, my GF and I decided to have a party with our friends in my apartment. After getting late, all the other friends go home, but Frank stayed longer because his place is very close by. We all got a little bit drunk. My GF is chubby (160lbs) and gets sweaty easily. So she put on her tank top. I found Frank secretly stare at my GF's boobs, I thought it was so funny and I teased him. At first, my GF was so annoyed about my teasing. But I like annoying my GF, so I suggested we play truth or dare. We all choose 'truth' to tell stories, then the questions became wilder and wilder. I asked how many girls he slept with. He told us he was still a virgin. Then my GF and I started to tease him. My GF thought virgin male would not last long. I said if he could masturbate in front of my GF without cumming in a minute, my GF can give him an HJ. And then.... as I promised, my GF gave him an HJ. At the same time, he was also touching my GF and my GF got very horny and wet. We were all in a sexual mood, and we knew he was a virgin, so I encouraged my horny GF to take his virginity. We do not have any condoms since my GF has been in birth control. So my GF was okay for him to pull out. He got close when my GF was cumming, so my GF did not let him pull out. It was so much, Frank's sperm get on the couch. After seeing my GF with another guy's sperm in her, I was so in the mood. I started to put my dick in my GF. It felt like I put warm butter on my dick. It felt amazing. After a while, I finished inside my GF too. It was the best orgasm I have had with my GF. At the same time. A lot of sperm got on our pubes like bubbles. It was gross, but we were drunk and too tired to clean up. Before Frank left, he wanted to fuck my GF again, I was okay with it. I told him it would be the last time, we would never be this wild anymore. His last fuck took about half an hour, with "a white cover" after he pulled it out. My GF used her tank top to wipe it out, and let him go. In the morning, my GF and I waked up. Our pubes smelled so bad, like dead fish. My GF felt so guilty, cuddled me all morning, told me she only loved me. I told her it was okay, I enjoyed it so much. That was a wild night. Now I'm so into sloppy seconds, but perhaps my GF will not do it in a long while.

1 month ago


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    • I like you enjoy sloppy seconds .

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