Late night party

So my husband just started a new job working 3rd shift. He was off last night and goes back to work Sunday. He asked if he could have some work buddies over to play cards, drink some beer and have pizza. I was all for it. We never entertain guests.

So there was me, my husband Rick, his buddy Shawn and my friend Stacy. It was about 12:30 am. Several beers and a few hands of cards. Shawn said he was gonna step out to smoke. Stacy was gonna make some mixed drinks. Rick needed to use the bathroom and was gonna help with the drinks. I said I was gonna step out with Shawn since it wasn't freezing for once.

Shawn and Stacy were gonna sleep over since they were drinking. We were all wearing bed clothes. Shawn had on boxers and a t shirt. So did Rick. I had on silk pajama shorts and matching shirt. Stacy had a long pajama top of mine and (I assume) panties.

I step outside and say to Shawn, "Can I get one of those?" Shawn said, "You smoke?" I said, "I used to. Now I do every now and then." He said, "You sure?" I said, "Yeah. I'm not gonna get hooked." We were standing on my porch smoking. He was butt up against the side. I said, "So, you think I'm hot?" He said, "Do what?" I said, "Do you think I'm hot? Would you fuck me?" He said, "If you weren't married?" I put my butt against his crotch. Bent over slightly and rubbed my butt against his boxer covered cock. I said, "Do. You. Want. To. Fuck. Me?" I could feel his cock getting hard. He said, "Keep doing that and I will." I dropped my shorts and draped them over the side of the porch fence. I unbuttoned my shirt. I said, "Take out your cock and fuck me." He said, "Right here?" I said, "Right here. It's the middle of the night. Nobody is looking." He said, "What about Rick?" I said, "He's either passed out or flirting with Stacy. He's wanted to fuck her since he first saw her."

He took his cock through the fly in his boxers, grabbed a hold of my ass and slid his dick into my pussy. He said, "Shouldn't we use a condom?" I said, "No. Why you gonna give me something?" He said, "Oh. Hell no. A baby maybe." I said, "I'm ok with that. No condom."

He fucked me good. Made me cum twice. When we were done, I put my shorts back on and went back inside. Rick said, "About time. What were you two doing?" I said, "Just bullshitting."

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