Daughter was caught out

Hi All I came home from taking my son to cricket and found my daughter pulling up her pants in my Bedroom
Her excuse was she was trying Her mums clothes on
Any way I walked away as I was embarrassed at what I found
she left the room shortly after
After a minUte I went back in to my room to find that my wife’s sex toy bag was opened and her electric vibrator was warm and the end was soaking wet !
Much to my discust I haven’t told my wife about it as my daughter is 12 nearly 13 And clearly been caught using our toys
Where do I or we go from here on this please help x

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  • Stop making this fake bull shit up pedo's thats a start. Then go hang yourself for thinking it up sick bastard. You all are sick so use the hanging part too.

  • Buy her own toy for her and be happy its a toy not a new guy every time

  • Yes I get that she’s not ready for sex yet but definitely a little masterbation won’t hurt

  • Who says she is not ready for sex??

  • I say as she’s only started her period within the last 6 months let her grow up a bit more

  • People mature at different rates that's for sure, but my wife lost her virginity at 12 and I know my sister lost her virginity at 13. Your daughter is obviously masturbating now and having sexual urges. So I would say she is definitely ready for sex.

  • Yes my wife also lost her virginity at 13 so I’m guessing it’s going that way

  • Yeah definitely

  • All done and it’s arrived x

  • Great.

  • Yes I would buy her own toy and talk to her about hygiene as they do need to be washed and cleaned properly to keep from getting a yeast infection or uti

  • ThankYou and yes I have placed and order yesterday for Just a small compact vibrator she can use any where Discreetly
    I still can’t bring myself to tell me wife but needs must I guess

  • Perhaps its time she had her own sex toys? You should speak to your daughter and see what she wants?

  • Ok but she’s still 12 13 soon
    Don’t you think it’s a bit young
    Even tho she is fully a developed Woman
    Maybe she should try hold on to her childhood for a few more years

  • She is clearly feeling the need to use a vibrator and there is nothing wrong with that. She obviously masturbates and is exploring herself. It's all part of growing up. I would buy a vibrator for her and let get on with it.

  • I have now ordered her one as a responsible dad and I will give it to her discreetly on her 13 birthday next month
    I hope I’m getting with times

  • That's great. It's the right thing to do.

  • Also the pink rabbit 8 inch vibrator in the shape Of a penis has not been used as the batteries are dead So do I buy her a back massager as that’s what she’s using from our bag

  • Ok so if I buy her a vibrator
    Do I then tell her mother why ?

  • It’s ordered

  • Ever considered she might want the real thing?

  • Yes it’s going threw my head as my wife was a fully sexually active girl at 13

  • Any father in your position would think the same thing. It might be time for you and your daughter to become more intimate.

  • That’s not even on my mind

  • Why not??

  • It's not unheard of

  • Need to Hide your Stuff Better

  • I haven’t told my wife as she would never use them again
    If I hide them she would wonder why for sure !

  • That’s disgusting

  • Tell her your mouth does a better job......

  • Lol

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