Used to peek on my mom

I used to peek in my moms room when she was changing her clothes. I loved seeing her naked. I also still spied on my sister into our 20s

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  • We had the outdoor bathroom door worn out at the lower part due excess water falling on the wooden panel. In a standing position any one could see the leg portion from a distance. One day only my younger sister who is two year young than me and myself of 20 years old were alone as others where out. In evening I got up from my sleep and was moving around and heard my young sister bathing with water running sound. As I casually looked at the crack of the door I could see that see was sitting on her heels. I could see her side butts round and water springling around her butts and heels. Just out of curiosity I just kneeled down and peered to see what is going on. To my utter surprise my young 18 year old sister fully nude was sitting close to the bath room wall under the running tap with the water directly falling on to her wide spread pussy which she had kept wide with her two fingers. The other hand was held on to the tap to balance her on her heels. She at times took her had off the pussy to massage her boobs. At a stage she started to tremble and I knew she is going to have a climax. She further thrusted her clitoris to the water flow and she fell back numb with the climax. At moment my sister noticed my palm flat on the floor in her sitting position and I think she saw my chin also. She immediately stood and shouted me saying I am your sister bathing, go away. Embarrassed I backed out, went to my room and started masturbating. And as I was about cum my sister was at the door with an angry look. She muttered something and as I was raising my head I started cumming in loads shooting at my sister who in utter surprise was horrified to such act and she left the room. whether she will spell it out to any one.

  • I was a kid lucky enough to have a mom with an incredible body. Perfect tits (not huge) but the size of large oranges. Great silver dollar sized areolas and nipples that poked out nearly a half inch when hard. She also had a nicely trimmed bush, and a great ass. I was very discrete, never getting caught spying. I saw her tits almost daily, but not much of her pussy though. I jacked off so many times thinking of my mom's great body, but since she was my mom, I didn't think of her face much. Mostly from the neck down. I came hard just about every time i was thinking of her body.

  • I also worked hard at seeing my mom and at least one of my sisters in the shower. Our bathroom window had beveled glass in it so you could not see anything but I would open the window about 3 or 4 inches. I could stand in a room that had a good angle and look into the bathroom through the open window. I remember the first time that I saw my moms boobs and my younger sisters also. It probably started me on my life as a window voyeur. Now I catch myself voyeuring my wife. She often ask why do I want her to stand in the bathroom completely nude so that I can voyeur her through the window when I can see her nude anytime I want to. My answer is it really turns me on but you know what she very seldom gives me that pleasure. But I do have my memories

  • I can relate, I saw my mom naked about 5 times in my life, I remember her big bush. I saw my sister various times naked even into our 20s, she has huge boobs way bigger than my moms. She and I played together when we were younger

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