It Wasn't a Badger

I'll just come out and say it, I have a mud fetish. I love rolling around in it, and the feeling of that soft, squishy goop covering my body and my clothes. Sometimes it goes hand in hand with my crossdressing fetish, and I'll do it while wearing a dress or something. It's just so erotic and feels amazing!

One day I went outside and saw a really nice patch of mud in our backyard from all the rain we recently had. I really wanted to get in there and have some fun, so I did! When I was home alone, I put on this old shirt that nobody wears anymore, and a pair of jeans that were getting a bit small for me. (It was daytime, so I didn't want to wear girly clothes this time) I went out there, and I plopped down in the mud on my stomach. It was the softest mud I had ever experienced, and it felt so much better than I expected! Some of the best mud I ever did this with! It immediately stuck to my shirt, and I wanted more! I used my hands to drag myself across the mud so now my legs were in it too. That felt incredible! I was incredibly aroused at this point. I continued moving about in the mud. The entire front of my body was covered in it, except for my face. I wanted so badly to just turn to my back side, and completely cover myself, but I had to restrain myself. I didn't want to over do it since I still had to get back inside, and I didn't want to have too big of a mess.

After I finished, I took off my muddy pants and carried them in the house. I continued to wear the shirt, but I managed to not drip on the floor or anything. I got to my room, and just started masturbating. I was already really aroused by what I did, so it only made sense to relieve myself. Afterwards, I tucked the muddy clothes into a towel and stuffed it under my bed where I would later throw them away right before trash pickup. Then I showered and cleaned myself off.

A few days later, the mud started to dry out, and you could see the spot where I did my dirty business, along with hand prints from when I dragged myself further. I thought I covered that up, but I guess not. My dad calls me and everyone outside because he noticed the spot and was trying to figure out who or what did it. I thought I was screwed and that he would figure me out. He looked at the hand prints, and described it as claw marks. He did think it was a person, but some type of animal. I just went with it, and played it off like I didn't know.

A couple weeks later, my uncle came over and inspected the spot. He said the same thing about my hand print, and thought it was an animal. After a bit, they came to the conclusion that it was probably a badger. I knew they were way off, but what was I supposed to do? To this day, my dad still thinks that a badger came and got in the mud that day, but I know the truth.

I don't regret rolling in that mud. It was so much fun and felt so good. I would totally do it again, but maybe be more careful to cover my tracks. I continue to cover myself in mud even now, but I do it a lot less often. I enjoy it more when I'm wearing something cute and feminine, but I don't have to be to have fun.

Aug 3
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