Want him in ways that I shouldn't

Ever since we were teens, my brother and I would casually engage in sex. We had an attraction and rather than resist, we gave in so we could experiment. It was very casual, only for the purposes of getting better, experiencing new things, so we could be with other people. We might have gotten a bit too good, though. Over the years I've had many boyfriends and casual sex partners... but I always feel none of them has ever come close to pleasuring me the way my brother does, and yes, we sometimes do have sex even today. He's very cool about it, but for me it has become something more, an intense craving for sex with only him. Perhaps more than that. Sometimes I feel jealous when he has a girlfriend... and as sick as it may sound, I sometimes fantasize about him cumming inside me and having his babies.

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  • Wish I had a sister, instead of a brother.

  • Cousin sex is hot too!

  • It's not sick at all. You have obviously fallen for you brother and you need to speak to him before he gets married or something. He may feel the same as you! Don't leave it because before you know it, it's too late.

  • Yes you need to tell him how you feel. Do the 2 of you spend the night together or just hook up?

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