Much older Sister

When I was born I was a latecomer. My mom was already 42 and Dad 50. I had a sister that was 22 but still lived at home. because my parents had a shop my sister was the one to bring me up. She was the one who gave me bath and did help me with my homework. She married and her husband moved in with us. they had a separate appartement in the upper part of the house.

I was 11 when my sister got pregnant and i could watch her belly growing more and more. It was kind of a wonder for me then and she always let me feel, when the baby moved. But there was another thing, I've noticed her breast growing bigger too. And in got stiffies looking at them and touching her belly. I sometimes let my hand get a bit highter and touch the underside of her tit. she never said anything about it.

But then one day, I was again touching her belly, she told me, that her husband did not want to have sex with her because of her big belly. she meant he was scared for the baby. With that she put her hand on my pants where my stiffie was. I came in a second and I was emberassed about the spot that grew in the front of my pants.

She gave me a kiss and she took me with her to theri bedroom. Sue undressed first me, then herself and then she allowed me to touch her where I wanted. I was shy first, I never did such a thing, but by the time I dared to go further. She showed me how to do it and I was fascinated and surprized that my whole hand went into her vagina. She said she needed that and that I should move it in and out. And then she had something she later told me was a orgasm. I was scared first of her behavior but she calmed me down.

The she gave me my first ever blowjob. I never felt like that before. We did that nearly each day till she had to go to the hospital. Later she told me that I have saved her and her husband from getting divorced. She had confessed all to him and it had made him very horny.


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  • Did you eat any frog legs

  • OP: No, I'm not french. But I heard they shall taste like chicken. So it must not be that bad!

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