Giving mom a better life.

I'm 30. And 5 years ago. I did what any son would do in my situation. I was 26 when one day I got a call from mom. She was upset and told me that my stepdad had been abusive toward her.

Any guy who loves his mom knows what that does to you. So I was past mad. Furious and ready to kill my stepdad. I drove to their house. Packed up mom's things and put them and her in my car and drove home.

My stepdad had nothing to say. He is a out of shape 5'9" and a loser. I'm 6'1" 225 lbs. Muscular and a mixed martial artist. My real dad also abused mom. He was 5'10" and out of shape. These men most really feel bad about themselves to hurt my mom.

Mom is 5'7". Beautiful,intelligent, an outstanding wife and mother. Always put her family first. Has no enemies
Knows no strangers. I'm the oldest of 3. And felt mom should live with me.

Well after a couple of weeks of opening up to me. I also discovered mom was unsatisfied in the bedroom. Being the good son I am. And being a male with 2 eyes and an appreciation of beautiful women. I helped mom out. Mom has a very curvy figure. Brown hair green eyes. The first time I was in her. I was struggling not to orgasm so fast. Mom was so hot and wet and fit me like a glove. She loved the feeling of being fucked five times in one afternoon. I love it too

Now after 5 years mom and I have become friends, lovers, roommates, as well as mom and son. We have sex everyday. We do vaginal, oral, mutual masturbation. Mom is a sexy very sexually adventurous lady. I will never understand why dad and my stepdad didn't appreciate mom. Oh well. She's mine now


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  • Tell me about it. Genuine Bull. All bogus. All the fat loser left out was claiming he decked one o' the other men like other punks do.

  • Mom loves getting fucked now.


  • Bullshit

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